Baked Alaska / Tim Treadstone / Tim Gionet / Anthime Joseph Gionet - White rapper, alt-right "activist", ex-Buzzfeed contributor; having a nuclear meltdown over Warski

Disrespected Pronouns
So he's back to the MAGA version of Baked Alaska. Was really hoping he'd try a new angle, like vegan or muzzie.
Yeah, I really thought he was going to try the "I was tricked by the evil siren's song of the alt-right, but now that I have had time to reflect I have become woke" redemption arc.

But the timing of this is cute. Baked saw that IBS/the internet right that had shit on him were now focused and Mundane Matt and K&T and flagging. The traitor Jim who turned out not to be his internet fwiend has his own shit going on. Cokehead Warski is doing his gay ass purple shit. I don't follow IRL streaming, but the autism that is the Ice Poseidon always makes it seems like its in a constant state of drama with a revolving cast of characters.

After waiting for months Baked Alaska clearly looked around and thought he had an opening to slide under the radar of his "enemies" and rebuild his MAGApede base as if nothing happened. What a bitch ass coward.


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I hate to sound like a broken record but someone should tell him he's being very toxic in his music video, considering that "they have to go back" is a racist, xenophobic, and bigoted position he should be ashamed of and want nothing to do with.

It's very rarely I feel pity on someone in a YouTube video, but watching Baked sing about Trump with autotune while wearing the same golden Nike jacket he wore while burning his channel down did it.
My reaction was to go make a vodka on the rocks, but to each their own.

And here I thought that I was missing anything when I have not seen any of his videos before he has gone dark. Who is this Baked Alaska? What is his content? Now I know. Got the same vibes as when Logan Paul made that music video about him being someone's hero.
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