ban people who ask to be filled in - new rule


I agree with telling people to fuck off if they enter a thread that moves at a page a week and ask "woah gimme the rundown on this", but when some popular threads go through a dozen pages of garbage an hour, I don't think it's too absurd for someone to ask questions instead of reading 80 pages of absolute retardation because they went to do something other than f5 a thread nonstop for a few hours.
the highlight feature is handy for that reason

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I think that it depends on the situation. There are figures like DSP or amberlynn whose threads are long and there's tons of lore. And I wouldn't blame someone for not knowing everything.

If all you do, though, is ask for a quick rundown without insight, that's annoying.
For example, Amberlynn has a hysterectomy scheduled. if someone asked "woah why is she getting a hysterectomy" that would be dumb because it would be easy af to get that answered for yourself by reading a little.

On the other hand. some people compare this to chantal, who already had her uterus removed. And some people didnt know the full details of that saga, but other people chimed in with the necessary details that are in the chantals thread, but it makes sense to clarify chantals lore when it's relevant in the amberlynn discussion.

Please I don't want the ban, I'll have to go back to reddit. Please someone explain how I can avoid this?

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What you're saying is... you don't understand irony