Bankruptcy and shutdowns among Bitcoin mining operators following price crash -

I thik crypto still will be n top in the next few years. Recently, there's been “stable coin invasion" in the crypto market. I read about new stable coins that have been announced in the past few months. Right now I'm interested in investing in MotoCoin. It offers an innovative proof-of-game scheme for mining to secure coin transactions.

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But there is a very real demand for people who are just using it as a currency to buy shit. People need to think of Bitcoin as less like a stock and more like a commodity. It actually has a use besides just investing.
I look at this question's answer like this: bitcoin is the people's denomination of trust.

Your local fiat currency is the nation-you're-standing-in's denomination of trust.

Elemental gold is the universe's denomination of trust.

Three legs of a stool.

As for the thread OP, this is the speculative bubble of a speculative bubble and as such, represents the financial canary in the world economic coal mine.
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Scarcity only has meaning when coupled with demand, there's only one OPL< but nobody wants him! A hyuck!!!!

So, I'm in the same boat, wondering what's driving the demand except a large group of people trying to out-maneuver each other in the worlds biggest LARPing session for those who want to roleplay stockbrokers.
it might partly be that but i'm personally not gonna reject that crypto can have its uses as an actual currency. at the moment though it just doesn't seem, idk, interesting(?) enough to suddenly favour any crypto over the money people already use in real life. still, bare props to the people using it as an actual commodity rather than just something they know dick-all about but still hang onto just so they can try bein some wannabe stockbroker.

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