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Nov 14, 2012
THE GIST: This post remains the most up-to-date on how to donate to the Kiwi Farms. You can donate BAT you received to the Kiwi Farms from advertisers. You cannot donate BAT you received from the Brave Foundation directly. This is not Brave's fault, they have to abide by certain rules to stay kosher with the banks.

Long Version
My initial appraisal of the ban was more favorable than it actually is. What the Kiwi Farms really needs is a way for laymen to donate small amounts of money with minimal effort, and for a month-and-a-half after I went all-in shilling Brave as a solution to that problem. In that time, we received over $5200 worth of BAT. Half of this is from referral bonuses, and the other half was from users donating grants as tips.

Success breeds contempt and a bunch of sadsacks in the United Kingdom surviving off government handouts started screaming bloody murder on Twitter at the Brave Foundation, its employees, and its CEO Brendan Eich. This prompted an internal review from the company of our site and they found that our permissive ruleset infringes on publisher terms of service Section 5.2 on direct incitement of violence. They do not comment on the specifics of these determinations so what exactly it is we host or do that is considered violent will remain a mystery.

Unfortunately, this means that Brave Software will now refuse to delegate grants to the Kiwi Farms. This is a very difficult sentence to unpack. In short, grants are not actually owned by the Brave user and the specifics of who owns what and when they own it is a legal question raised by the USA PATRIOT Act and its Know-Your-Customer requirements. The Brave Wallet attempts to meet the end-user expectations for ease of use while also complying with incomprehensibly invasive legislation.

I previously said that grants from the foundation itself versus grants from ad publishers are distinct and one could donate those grants. You cannot. Eich contests me using the word "ban" to describe what the Section 5.2 infringement status means for the Kiwi Farms publisher account, but when searching for language to use in its stead I can't find anything more accurate than "ban". Simply put, you are not free to use your BAT in the Brave Wallet to send it to the Kiwi Farms because the Kiwi Farms is banned from the system.

All is not lost on this front. As I said before, I am still at this time encouraging people switch to Brave and stay on it. I still believe that BAT is viable, if not for me, than for almost all other websites. Our situation is uniquely terrible.

Brave Software has also promised to allow individuals to complete KYC verification with their payment processors to withdraw the BAT from their grant form to actual tokens they're free to send as they please as, at that point, it will belong to you. So if you're liking Brave, stay with it and horde your BAT.

As always, I encourage everyone to read up on how crypto works and get involved in the ecosystem. They can never take that knowledge away from you and no one can ever tell you you can't send money to someone else. What makes Brave's situation complicated is that they try to make this easy for people and run into problems at every step of the way with regulatory bodies and the chicken shit banks who terminate any high-risk accounts.

Edit: As of 2021, BAT received from watching ads can be tipped without issues.
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Jack Awful

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Apr 27, 2015
Do you think that because you posted this, they people that hate you will just go after the Brave employees harder, and once that happens, Brave will do something more extreme against KF, or is this all they can do?

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Jan 4, 2019
They updated their ToS on the rewards program just for you!

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Apr 16, 2019
Do you think that because you posted this, they people that hate you will just go after the Brave employees harder, and once that happens, Brave will do something more extreme against KF, or is this all they can do?
This is all they can do. They won't go nuclear and break their own blockchain because people would mass dump their shitcoin in panic/protest.

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Feb 4, 2018
Well, at least we can still donate our own BAT for now. I don't trust Brave not to change this, though, so I'm going to donate my dregs from last month immediately instead of waiting to combine it with my July payout. :/

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Apr 26, 2017
I can see the advantage of using a good Chromium build without any forced Google service but the Ad-Reward system never worked for me (because of my region) so this kinda pisses me off. Whenever some CEO gets bashed by the snowflake patrol, it instantly translates into a policy change within the company and their products. Objectivism is dead. Fuck all.


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Oct 2, 2018
On the note of revenue streams, is that thing that was mentioned a while ago about some kind of special ad service still in the works? I would dearly love to buy some add space on the farms...


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Mar 10, 2019
Still shit though, as this site actively discourages anything in that policy, such as inciting violence.

Is there any way you can fight again this Null-senpai? Like is there a process here or so? I genuinely don't see how they caved to a small mob of nobodies, and the site literally doesn't breach their policy nor any laws. So...

BoJack Horseman

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Sep 30, 2018
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