Banned or Former Members - Kiwis who have been banned or just left and deleted their accounts.

Once a Kiwi always a Kiwi

  • Once you join Kiwi Farms you're here forever

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  • Go outside for once

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  • Loyalty is dumb

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  • We are all cows on the inside.

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Princess Peaches

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This thread is to discuss banned users and users who have left the site. I was wondering what happened to Lord Kat. Did he delete his account and leave the site? I swore I saw him on here.

It's bothering me that I can't find his account or remember if he was on here or not.

Do you think that people should stay loyal to the farms after they join? Or is it disappointed when people leave the farms after a few months and never come back. Who are users that you miss, remember, or laughed at? Leave some stories below.

Buster O'Keefe

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When I first came on this site, @SelmaHendersen was a pretty fun gimmick poster that was there for a bit. An excessively nice troon. Not sure if it was a troll or not, but she was always quite pleasant. Too bad she pissed off OUR DEAR LEADER.
I seem to remember there was an excess of extremely cringey thirst for that account. I think @NOT Sword Fighter Super has the chat log of when it was terminated with extreme prejudice.