Banned or Former Members - Kiwis who have been banned or just left and deleted their accounts.

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Once a Kiwi always a Kiwi

  • Once you join Kiwi Farms you're here forever

    Votes: 139 32.4%
  • Go outside for once

    Votes: 53 12.4%
  • Loyalty is dumb

    Votes: 35 8.2%
  • We are all cows on the inside.

    Votes: 202 47.1%

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The Pink Panther

Why Can't Man Be More Like Animals?
True & Honest Fan


My legs are OK
I'm no CIA or undercover FBI agent, it's not smart to create new accounts then to post on the old accounts.

I've already identified you all JUST from your posts.

Just FYI.

*munches popcorn*

"Y'all didn't choose the stalker life, the stalker life chose you."

Then send me a pizza
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