Banned or Former Members - Kiwis who have been banned or just left and deleted their accounts.

Once a Kiwi always a Kiwi

  • Once you join Kiwi Farms you're here forever

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  • Loyalty is dumb

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  • We are all cows on the inside.

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Though I don't miss this one former member, I can never forget Junglist and how he left this site because no one liked Mao. Don't remember all the details but I remember Satan or someone else recalling how Junglist sperged on how China would rule the world or something like that.


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That sounds retarded.
Why? Often lolcows come here and get obsessed with posting in their threads. Some asked null to delete their accounts, which he would not do. So thats what they got told to do. I mean, yes, it is a bit exceptional if you cant stop on your own.
Im surprised nobodys mentioned gorka, i only made an account here a few days ago but his autism was so legendary got mentioned on other parts of the web and if i remember right he even got mentioned on one of nulls streams
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I thought it was just a meme since I heard the user JosephTX was doxed by him as well.
JosephTX doxxed himself. He went full on exceptional over the Ron Soye vs Vic thing. He was daring people on the KickVic side to fuck with him IRL.

Zed and a couple of other people found out some info about him, but that was AFTER he told everybody his real name.

The moral of the story is don't get too involved with cows. I suppose Sneasel ultimately made that mistake too, but at least his mistake appears to be an honest fuckup. I'll miss him and emspex. Not so much JosephTX.

Edit: Zed now tells me Joseph didn't give his real name. He still had shit Opsec, and Tommy didn't dox Joseph.
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@Sanae Kochiya @Rin @Coka lairi @chimpburgers @AN/ALR56 @autisticdragonkin @Cuck Norris @Roger Rabbit @Frank Rizzo @Have a Pepsi @DrChristianTroy @Emiya Kiwitsugu @GREEDY FIREMAN @rocket

So many disappeared. They kinda got me started on getting interested in the farms way back alongside many others with their posts.
Chimpburgers may as well hold a special place in making threads behind twitter spergs during the autistic time known as GamerGate. Everyone has reasons to leave, ranging from how the Farms changed or losing interest to not having enough time to let out their tism over some lolcow.

The only way one could keep possible contact with any of them is if you had them on a list on Steam or some social media platform, and that's assuming they either still get on and don't mind talking to others outside the former hugbox.