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I see this get brought up a lot. It would essentially be an extension to the idea behind Spergatory. When a user gets banned, instead of being unable to post at all, they can only post in the banned users forum. Regular users cannot post there, only members that were banned site-wide. Members and banned members cannot interact in any meaningful way.

I actually used to be a member of an old forum that had this feature, and it was amazing. The banned users were throttled in the sense that they could only post about three times per day or something. There were at least two infamous users who stayed in there despite most people just leaving after getting banned. I'd assume it would be a good idea to throttle banned members as well, maybe not three times a day, maybe more like 10 posts a day or so, if at all. Really it's just for the sake of the moderators making sure they don't post anything outright illegal. And of course they'd be barred from uploading content.

It might even act as a moderation tool, since @{o}P II recently started making endless socks solely for the intent of spamming the forums asking to be unbanned. If we had a banned users forum, he could just sulk in there.


Your an ignorant idiot.
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Nah, doesn't make a good acronym. Maybe High Intensity Terrible Losers Ending Respected Service.
I still like Retard Chamber. This would make for a great forum icon as well.
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