Money Barb Sued by Discover Bank

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Jun 24, 2014
Would that be visible on the docket, if they get the right to cease money from her accounts?
Also, do we know if Barb receives her welfare money via direct deposit or cheque? @Marvin
Barb almost certainly gets her Social Security (retirement benefit, not welfare in Barb's case) direct deposit, because they are pretty insistent that you do that. If Barb also gets a private pension, that might come as a check.


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Jan 7, 2016
The estimate for 14 BC is in line with the 2014 assessment by Greene County:

Those are all just records on paper, just like Chris said, Bob gave up on selling because no one wanted to buy, probably because of the price. Unless they find someone stupid enough to buy it..Maybe someone who wants the Chrischan experience thinking it's going to be similar to Peewee's playhouse.


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Apr 6, 2015
He mentioned it to Jackie: "I invest $4 weekly between Win For Life and Mega Millions; two plays each. "

He's talked about it in other places though, I'm pretty sure. If you explain the concept of investment to him, he just doubles down on how it's totally investment. (Same issue with being tranny, and Sonichu's copyright and etc...)
i was going to say that yes, this sounds like chris using fancy words to dress up his actions.
I'm not buying tickets, it's INVESTING.
it's interesting that chris had just a slight bit of self-awareness.. just enough to know that saying I BUY TICKETS sounds stupid, but INVESTING sounds grown-up

Chris has been "off the air" since he got busted for buying his PS4 and the lawsuit reveal. I wonder if Barb found out about the purchase and made Chris send the console back? Even so, he'd still be out of the money used for the Next Day Shipping cost since that's not refundable I think.
maybe it's me, but i notice in terms of legal troubles, chris tends to be quiet
i'm sure bobnbarb have both told him to keep that shit to himself

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Jul 28, 2015
screenshot-eapps courts state va us 2016-03-16 12-05-09.png

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Dec 19, 2014


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Sep 21, 2014
Just looking at the court document again and noticed that 'Homestead Exemption Waived' is marked as 'No'. Does that mean the house is safe?

No. It means that a certain portion of the home/other property's value is protected.

It looks like in Virginia it is normally $5,000 but for people over $65,000 it is $10,000.

"Judgment" makes me think "default judgment" but I have no special reason to think that.

The court has now affirmed that Barb owes the money. But that doesn't mean that they get their money. Forcing Barb to pay is the next step.

From what I read earlier, they can go ahead with garnishment 10 days after judgement in Virginia. If Barb has any kind of private pension, whether in her own right or as Bob's widow, then things could be about to get a bit tight for the Chandlers.

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Sep 30, 2014
Interesting. Bob has been dead for close to 5 years now, and Barb still hasn't taken his name off of the property records?

They all seem to indicate around $160 for that property so I think my estimate of 130 or less is pretty spot on.
You have to realise that the property would be sold as is, so with all the vermin/urine/barbage damage.
A potential buyer would have to pony up for a costly refurb to make this "inhabitable", which would easily run in the neighbourhood of $40k.
And even then the house wouldn't be in demand as evidenced by Bobs futile attempts to sell the house.
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