Baron Tremayne Caple / Rainbow Man - Bizarre furry artist who hates trolls

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Baron Tremayne Caple fan club thread

Baron Tremayne Caple (a.k.a. Rainbow Man) is an Autistic African-American male furry in his twenties who creates a lot strange pictures and videos of himself.

Art & Pics

His DeviantArt gallery contains his mediocre art, pictures of himself Photoshopped in front of celebrities and other fur characters, and short stories of Morenatsu made in Microsoft Paint.

Almost all of his art is just portraits of random fur characters. Nothing important.

However, some DeviantArt posts are upset responses to negative comments.
(edit: i used imgur albums to show his art and comments originally but i guess they died and i dont feel like reposting stuff, just look at his deviantart lol)


Baron also has a YouTube with videos about furries and killing trolls, not sure what drama stirred up some of his videos.

Baron met DMX once.

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From an art perspective, this guy isn't that bad. But at the same time, he's not that good either. Everything looks "decent" but really samey. Plus, I don't know what's with those noses. It'es either an artistic choice, or a really strange fetish. Plus that Klonoa drawig is just really awful looking :'(
But personally, this guy has potential. Those YT videos just show off how much this guy is a sped.

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