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It takes a lot of effort for cuckery to be notable on Everyday Feminism, but the one cartoonist they actually have who can draw made it happen anyway upon creating a cartoon about how "neckbeard" was an inappropriate insult for use by feminists.

The Shylock-looking cucker-fucker your eyes are spotting up top is a former student of Will Eisner -- fucking Christ, really? -- by the name of Barry Deutsch. He's spend decades making cucked-out cartoons for the bimonthly Dollars & Sense under the nom de plume "Ampersand," and has compiled his cuckery on his website, Lefty Cartoons.

When not sharing a family life in Portland with six adults, two children, a small group of pigs, and other serial-killer ephemera; Barry can be found making a tard of himself during Twitrer debates with feminists who aren't sidjwa brainwaists and begging for pathetically low amounts of money on Patreon.

Barry Deutsch gets nowhere near the love he deserves. Andrew Dobson hasn't made a new cartoon in like three years, and he still has hundreds of new pages of people mocking him made every month. Why can't the same happen to a cartoonist just as unintentionally hilarious who actually still makes comics?

It's time we rectified such matters.


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I'll give this dude one thing. The drawings themselves are above the quality of Dobby's.

I did manage to see this however.



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Dude looks so much like a feminist Penn Jillette, it's not even funny.
I literally stared at the picture for like 10 seconds trying to process how we now had a thread on poor Penn before I realized that it's some other guy. I wonder if looking just like a much better known and very outspoken libertarian ever pisses this guy off or results in awkward situations.

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He only reckons "neckbeard" is problematic because he is one.

- Fat? Check.
- Argues incessantly on the internets with pointless people about pointless things? Check.
- Unkempt facial hair half-heartedly styled into a goatee? Check.
- Smug sense of superiority? Check.
- Owns a waifu pillow? Unknown but I've got a £20 note here that says he does.
- Owns collection of toys autismally categorised? Check.

Well, you know, looks like a duck, sounds like a duck, walks like a duck...

Just read this neckbeard comic and he kinda has a point. His argumentation is not that bad, but I fully get it that he won't be taken serious in that matter because of two things.
1. He is a neckbeard. Writing how about "neckbeard" is an insult will always come over as whining. Parts of his reasoning is fine, but parts are not. I'm okay with people being fat - but I'll expect them to actually do something to make their health better. There is no plausible reason to eat unhealthy shit all the time (AND you can even lose weight with a diet mostly containing sweets and other shit as long as you count your damm calories).
2. He doesn't offer an alternative. He's an artist. Instead of whining he could come up with a creative insult that isn't gendered and stuff. If it's genuinely funny and insulting then people might actually use it instead.

And now I'm leaving terribly offended because he totally overlooked the fact that women can have autism, too.


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At least he's a better draftsman than the vast majority of these assholes. He draws pretty good.
Without a doubt. You can tell he didn't spend his time under Eisner with his thumb up his bunghole.

Dobson wishes he were this cuck.


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I've heard like eight retards claim to be intersectional feminists so I gotta ask, what the fuck is it and why is everyone who claims to be one a moron?


Male intersectional feminists are the new nice guys. Their understanding of what makes an otherwise unfuckable dude virtuous and caring and wise, and therefore fuckable, has changed, and they've adapted their mating strategy accordingly. I bet cuck here was holding open doors and dropping "m'lady" not too long ago.
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Dude looks so much like a feminist Penn Jillette, it's not even funny.
I was about to say that Penn really...
JILLETTE himself go in recent days.

I've heard like eight exceptional individuals claim to be intersectional feminists so I gotta ask, what the fuck is it and why is everyone who claims to be one a moron?
"All white people are racist. All men are misogynistic. All cis people are transphobic." - Intersectional Feminists

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The Horseshoe Theory describes the phenomenon of the extreme sides of the political spectrum, rather be a straight line separating the two completely, have a horseshoe shape that has both ends meeting on a similar plane. Barry Deutsch is a prominent example of this theory having some credibility.

Barry Deutsch is the creator of the Ampersand series of comics, centering around issues that most modern liberals discuss in the "Current Year". Topics like feminism, gender, sexuality, mainstream media, and so on. I'll let you see for yourself some of his more recent strips here:

I think you can start to get an image of who this guy is and why he considers himself to be apart of the Regressive Liberals. You might also get an image of another political cartoonist, who also has a forum post on this very website, named Ben Garrison. Well this all circles back to the subtitle of this article being "the opposite of Ben Garrison" and how this can relate to the Horseshoe Theory. Both have completely opposite viewpoints on one hand, but the methods and thought process do line up due to both artists not wanting to communicate with the opposite political party in any notion.

So all in all, from looking at his Twitter profile and other profiles he has, I'd say we got a good candidate for another artcow to throw into the bin.