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I'm looking forward to having something to watch again every night from now until November.

Excited to see what the blue Jays have this season. They were doing trades right up until last night and spring training went well. 3hrs till game time

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Recent cubs observations:

-the cubs have have been the best team in baseball over the last 30 days, after a 2-7 start they now sit atop the central with a multi game lead.

-javier Baez is the best baseball player in the NL

-kris bryant is playing as good as he ever has

-the professor is back, Hendricks has been lights out his last 3 starts, pitching 8 full innings tonight, as well as getting 3 hits tonight at the plate, ho-lee shit is that some dope baseball

-pitching in general has been lights out Quintana and Lester throwing great, and the bullpen has been amazing, apart from yu darvish, this staff looks great. Although who knows, yu looked good his first couple innings last game, and Montgomery pitched well thru several in relief. Maybe a Yu/Mike combo will work in that 5th starter slot. Unorthodox but who knows.

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So some dumbass shot David Ortiz in a bar in the Dominican Republic. Ortiz is at a nearby hospital, condition isn't known. There's conflicting reports about where he was shot, some say lower back, some say he was shot in the leg.

This is video of the guy who allegedly shot Ortiz being beat up:

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Close game between the Red Sox and the Blue Jays today, the final score was 8-7. Marco Hernandez has been doing pretty good this year.

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Going to the All Star Game this year. Anyone else?

Update: Last night, the Angels played their first home game since Tyler Skaggs died. They wore his #45 jersey in his honor.

And then they threw a combined no-hitter.

By the way, today would have been Skaggs' 28th birthday.
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Just wanted to say this while I still can, the Twins are a top 3 team by the current overall standings.
I'm gonna be a faggot and reflect on my previous comment from early May; the success of this team makes zero sense to me. It's a buncha cast-offs with Nelson Cruz making $14M. Some how this team is crushing the HR record.......with nobodies.


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Last day of the regular season today. You can bet some teams, such as the Orioles and the Tigers, will be glad to call it a day until spring training starts in February. My team, the Cardinals, made the playoffs for the first time since 2015. Don't know how far they'll go.

Far as the World Series go, have no idea who'll be playing. I'd like Cardinals vs. Yankees, but more likely it will be the Dodgers against someone else.

It's Thursday now, and the Cards are playing Atlanta, in Atlanta. Cards started Miles Mikolas. Mikolas this year went 9-14, after going 18-4 the year before. First inning not too good, couple of walks, gave up a run. The Atlanta pitcher looks good. We'll see what happens...Cards won, 7-6.
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Let's go Dodgers. Hopefully you guys can make it to the world series and finally win the championship this year! But watch the Yankees win it instead.


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Yo 13 to 0 what the fuck is going on? Did someone block the extra point after the touchdown?
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Let's go Dodgers. Hopefully you guys can make it to the world series and finally win the championship this year! But watch the Yankees win it instead.
I can't believe it! The Dodgers lost... again. Congratulations guys you just lost a fan. At least your Dodger dogs were tasty.


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I couldn't finish watching the Yankees @ Astros game this Sunday but from what I saw so far, James Paxton was just terrible this night, but the Yankees fucked up real bad when they changed Chad Green. But whatever though, lets go Astros!
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