BATH AND BODY WORKS HAUL& SHOW RECOMMENDATION - look at my band-aid and I don't like wet burritos

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They sleep until late afternoon and our dainty princess takes time to get ready (also probably needs a 3-person-sized meal to wake up), so I wouldn’t be surprised that along with the blinds, it’s dark because they are only awake at nighttime.

Plus, in this vlog it looks like they didn’t go out and the wine/candles were from the insane shopping spree the days before. So just a regular semi-bedbound nocturnal day for our gorl. Boring as fuck.

People like the new camera because it makes her sores more visible. I guess that’s also why she put a band aid on. But she can’t completely cover herself in band aids so.... it will be back to iPhone vlogs soon.


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Hefferlynn you dumb blob, I'm moti because all of those candles contain compounds potentially toxic to pets. And this isnt you'r fagshanty with many windows and ventilation. I hope you can/will pay for vet bills you lurching lymphedema and your hauls were worth it.

If those animals can stand her smell and even cuddle with amber no airborne toxin can harm those beasts. They've been leveling up their poison resistance their entire life.
She looks like she's dying.

Screen Shot 2020-08-24 at 14.30.36.png

Oh hang on, she is.


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They sleep until late afternoon and our dainty princess takes time to get ready (also probably needs a 3-person-sized meal to wake up), so I wouldn’t be surprised that along with the blinds, it’s dark because they are only awake at nighttime.
Yep. She woke up at 2:30 pm.

She got up, got dressed and ordered Moe’s (which is fairly close, but I’m sure took 30 minutes) and ate at 5:00. Just enough time for Becky to teach us about Robert the can opener. Riveting.
She mentions in the video that each candle lasts 3 days. I guess she just lets them burn and burn until they're out.

Holy shit. Those things are supposed to last for 35-40 hours of burn time. Nice job, ConsumerLynn. And didn’t she say they burn two in the apartment at a time? Those 21 candles will barely last over a month at that rate!

Did the Farms ever tally how many candles were in that pantry/closet shot she flashed in one of her recent vids?

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Guys, don't forget she still has a shit ton of candles in her closet that we saw from on her previous videos. She really is trying to replicate her collection from the Shanty house and its amazing the length she's going just to get it.

I'm just waiting till she comes off her high and start crying in front of the camera for money.


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Amber can deny it all she wants but she obviously reeks. Spray, wax melts, a shit ton of candles that she goes through in record time, wallflowers that I'm sure she uses all four at once and now they're throwing incense in there as well. How do they breathe will all that shit? And the animals?? good grief

Maybe Becky's been so cheerful and talkative lately because she's on the sauce. She's done it in the past. Maybe it's been her way or coping with her mom's death and Amber being more dependent on her than ever with her cancer saga. If she's getting drunk on this kind of wine she must be waking up with the worst hangovers. I'm sure she rehydrates with a nice, cold Dr Pepper cream soda. disgusting.
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within the past 3 days these heffers have bought 9 bottles of wine
9 BOTTLES! Becky's on a boozer
Less about decor, and more about slammin down cheap wine

EDIT* a double post, but comment still stand

EDIT* On this haul they spent $73.44 on wine,
not including the other three which would bring the total to about $100

Screen Shot 2020-08-24 at 5.57.32 AM.png
Screen Shot 2020-08-24 at 5.48.32 AM.png
Screen Shot 2020-08-24 at 5.48.09 AM.png

Prophecy Rosé Wine - 750ml Bottle10.99
Gérard Bertrand Côte des Roses Rosé Wine - 375ml Bottle9.99
Fleurs de Prairie Rosé Wine - 750ml Bottle16.99
The Collection Rosé Wine - 750ml Bottle9.99
Chateau d'Esclans The Palm Rose Wine - 750ml Bottle15.49
California Rosé Wine - 750ml Bottle - Rosé Bae9.99
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Becky took a can opener to school and named it “Roger”? Who does that? I feel like Becky almost has a greater connection to inanimate objects than people, especially recently

Roger Brown I know you read here and the can opener is not about you.

Well she has a relationship with Amber so it was good practice. Roger scares the shit out of me and I live half way around the world

Gorrl is covered with sores. At the end of the video you can see they're all over her. Where is she getting all these from, is it a lack of hygiene?

There's also something really dark and depressing and cave like about the new apartment. Guess there aren't many windows or their position isn't towards the sunlight or something. The fag shanty now seems airy and bright by comparison.

She does not heal because she does not eat enough healthy protein. Her food is empty of nutrients and she is semi-nocturnal. Now she has turned 30 any stores she had will quickly be used up. 30 is when you cell replication starts to fuck up

She says she would win all the money from the lie detector test show - does she really have that little self awareness that she believes her own lies?

She is an accomplished liar

Viewers on mobile who can't figure out how adblock works.

I bet Amber keeps the blinds closed because now she's in a more densely populated area and doesn't want people looking in through her windows.

She is on the ground floor in a complex where she will be a social pariah.