BATH AND BODY WORKS HAUL& SHOW RECOMMENDATION - look at my band-aid and I don't like wet burritos

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Sock, Ambaby or legit retarded...damned if I know.


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Wine sperg time:

I have had these Rose's she bought:
  • Gérard Bertrand Côte des Roses Rosé Wine
  • Fleurs de Prairie Rosé Wine
  • Chateau d'Esclans The Palm Rose Wine
These three are all good picks for a mid-range Rose. I happen to drink The Palm quite often as it is a great wine for the price. I know they picked these because pretty bottle, but they got at least 3 good wines.

The flavored wines are a joke and really bad for you. They have over 20% residual sugar and probably has 23-25 grams of sugar per 5oz glass, which is a lot. My heart weeped when I saw Orange Creamcicle wine. Those grapes didn't deserve such a shitty fate.
(I appreciate this post because I've been wanting to find a good Rose')
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Sock, Ambaby or legit retarded...damned if I know.
She can throw as much shade she wants, or win all the money she wants with her lahs, it won't change the fact that she weighs far more than the haters and can't barely breath or walk....
Hambo is such a clever gorl.... damn us stupid mortals who weigh less than 500lbs and can walk,run and breath.... oh well, some win, some lose.
Btw... we also have our reproductive organs.


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Forgive me, it's been a few days but I still can't get the fact she's littered with sores off my mind. I'm assuming the camera image is flipped so on her left side she has a sore on her forearm and upper arm and a scratch and then sore on her face.

On her right side she has the band-aid which is covering at least one sore, she also has a sore (or mark) leading to her armpit. At first I thought she only had two marks (which are likely old sores) across from that one but if you really look it's actually three in the shape of a triangle. She also has a crazy amount of redness/discoloration on the right side of her face and even on her nose.

This is just what is visible to us too so it makes me wonder how those leaky layhgs are holding up. She's rotting folks


I was like - whuuuuut???
Try as I might, all I can see when she hauls this shit (same as when Airwick used to) is this


It doesn't take two damn minutes of research to know those bloody things are jammed full of known carcinogens

She has just 'beaten cancer' ffs - is she doing her absolute best to entice it back again?

Deep-fried, fat and sugar-laden takeouts and snacks.... carcinogenic candles and room loads of alcohol - what next, start a 40 a day smoke habit?

Most sane sensible people after having a cancer scare (and really despite her use of the word 'journey' it has been more a chemo, no radiation) would overhaul their lives from the bottom upwards and cut out as many carcinogens as physically possible but oh no not Albert, she reminds me of the cancer equivalent of fucking bug-chasers

Quite aside from her own health, those poor animals stuck in an unventilated fucking apartment breathing in all that shit with no respite, like, ever if they only last three days

I'll humbly take my puzzle pieces guys - she might be a spiteful narcissistic fat cunt but in general she makes me laugh - this, though, DOES get me MATI 🎩