Batman Vs Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles -


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The Ninja Turtles were always basically prostitutes, but it's not like there's reason to do anything but chuckle at any stunt when they've already made a movie where Megan Fox plays Jocasta to Michangelo's Oedipus.

Batman is now only one degree of crossover separation away from Garfield.

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This was actually funny.

Who wrote it?

The comic book that this is based on was actually surprisingly good. Unfortunately, all the DC direct-to-DVDs since Dwayne McDuffie died have been crap :(

Hopefully the TMNT side of this will keep the quality up.

EDITED TO ADD: The Hanna Barbera comics recently published by DC were mostly fantastic, particularly the Flintstones updated. But the issues where DC Comics characters teamed with cartoon characters were ... less so.

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This was actually funny.

Who wrote it?
Jim Davis himself, apparently.


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Also I'm probably the only one who thinks the style of the Turtles looks like they came from the Jhonen Vasquez short.

Least their designs look pretty good. Been a while since we last saw angular animated Turtles.


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Sure, let us just ignore the most insane TMNT crossover ever.

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It's not that weird when you consider that Archie Comics published the cartoon-based Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles comic book back in the day.

An interesting aside is that both Archie and Batman have each met the Ninja Turtles, the Predator, and even the Punisher from Marvel Comics in official crossovers.

ADDENDUM: Ah, there has also been an official Archie/Batman crossover published just last year, though it's based on the Adam West version of Batman and the Archie characters are drawn in a realistic style.


Standing in the school hallway.
Ah, so the Ninja Turtles can wear the original Star Trek universe uniforms but the "Kelvin timeline" (re: J.J. Abrams) Star Trek movies are forced to make significant alterations to the uniforms because of how the Star Trek rights are split between Paramount, Viacom and CBS.

I suspect Star Trek licensing was a bit simpler in the early/mid-1990s (whenever it was those Ninja Turtles action figures were made).

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