Battle Brothers 2021 - Face it, you're already dead inside.

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Okay so the plan was to transition into a cult game, however we come to two major problems.
This is the first. When you have to choose a sacrifice, you have to choose between two random characters in your party. Obviously this bad because its gonna mean that I am killing you off regularly. Secondly, the person that is not chosen is then likely to leave the party. So you are losing two members in a row.
Naturally I killed off J666 there if you were wondering.

So what's the plan?

This is! I have started a new game as a poacher start. Doing a scenario like Monster Slayers, or Gladiators were my top, however this means that either we start off with pretty fucking baller gear, a pretty well OP team for the start and its just too easy in the case of the Monster Hunters, or we get a maximum of 12 people in a group with three absolutely nails characters in Horrendously OP gear, that drain money like a jewish banker and when all three die the campaign is over. Both of them are pretty fun don't get me wrong, but they have limitations and a level of ease that I don't particularly feel would be beneficial to this type of combat.

Why poacher? Well to put it bluntly, I wanted a merc start, something I could put a bit of backstory on to transition to the next chapter for us, however I wanted something different than what we did before, the merc start is exactly the same as the last. With this scenario, you start off with 3 ranged characters, which I feel (considering two of the four survivors were ranged specialists) would be decent enough to get them around the same level as they were when we all went goodnight and joined Redtooth 1 and 2 in the afterlife and a few years between that disaster. Secondly, this benefit has a drawback, which is a limited inventory. This wont be a problem now, but if we survive long enough, its going to be a massive pain in the balls. That could be interesting. Now I might have just broken things a tiny bit for now (see the video) The other middle benefit to this scenario, which is very hit and miss, like our team, is a speed bonus when on the map and a scouting buff, so we can see who is around us a lot further.

What is different this time around?
- I have installed a new DLC, blazing deserts. Which adds new weapons, as Dial M will find out when he becomes a grenade bitch, new monsters, a lot more territory to the south of the map which is desert with new towns, new things to do (gladiatorial combat) and a new legendary boss if we get that far
- Difficulty has been reduced as to be quite honest, Raiders are a fucking ball-ache and fighting max stacks of mobs will just grind us down in the early. This gives us a bit more of an enjoyable time in the short, without taking away some of the heafty shit in the later game
- The new invasion If I explained that before will be a Holy War, I don't know what it is, but it sounded funny. Once done, the next invasion will be a random one chosen after that.
- I will be taking this a lot more serious and playing a lot more defensive, smarter and shiftier. So more knifing cunts in the back to steal their sick armour and shit.
- People being introduced to the campaign will be on a dice roll. I will randomly roll a digital dice, to pick who is coming in next prior to hiring a new lad. The people that asked to join while the last game was going on prior to our demise will be first to come in however (Its just Tealeaf left I believe) The reason for this is simply that you are dead in the world. I can do this as an order of death too, from the first dead to the last. Let me know which you would prefer!
- As discussed above, I will be doing a stat rundown when a new character joins, kill tallies, damage dealt, damage taken and hit/miss at the end of every episode so you can see how much of a pain or god you have been. I will even try to implement that memorial thing I was supposed to do last time around.

I am not going to do a write up for this video, this is just showing you the start of the scenario, getting the team where we are at, I will do all the gay nerd world building shit when I do the next gameplay sometime at the start of next week!


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You'll always be the blind and I'll always be the dead, it doesn't matter if I live or you hit, our reputation precedes us :biggrin:
He’ll always be blind, you’ll always be dead, I’ll always be looking to reattach my head.

Yeah this time round I will get into more depth, it will be a bit slower on the updates in this thread, but I will do accuracy tallies for ranged, damage, injury and kill/death shit. Ill also get a few more Screenshots to add a bit of flair to the posts. Im gonna play seriously this time around too. Keeping the roles the same of course, Ill probably take more care in choosing who is who when it comes to stats and such.
I more mean like a brief description of the stats, what the different roles mean, etc. someone other than the GM could do that, I just don’t know what the fuck I’m looking at, for the most part.

also, a picture of everyone’s stats at the end of a post would be nice.



So before I get into it, the first thing that you might see if you watched the previous vid is that we are in a different campaign. There was a big problem. I managed to play a few hours of battle brothers over the weekend until I realised that something was odd! BooWoo was landing every shot! Now, our resident blind archer had decent stats don't get me wrong, but I don't think she actually missed a single shot which is definitely too lucky for her and for veteran mode! along with this, as the days progress, as the brothers progress, enemies are supposed to change with it. There were a surprising lack of raiders (although there were some high level monster encounters that led to @Bad Gateway getting ripped apart on his first battle not 2 mins after inviting him) This led me to checking the save file because I am a retard and found out that our lovely campaign was set to beginner/beginner. What I have done to counter this, is restart and get to a position roughly where we were at with the previous group, I have also spent a few in game days being selective over our survivors from the previous game to get some better stat characters as a bit of a reward for actually surviving the last campaign. This new seed is also very fucking good. Towns I visited to gear you up were filled with broken mail and +80 armour gear at a relatively cheap price, so this campaign should realistically go a lot smoother than our Expert level campaign in the previous where we all bit the floor to some raiders.

Welcome the Aborted Boat. formally known as the abortion boat. Here is our banner! its @Kane Lives final form.

Our objective for the immediate is to get our friendship up with towns in a select part of the map (probably the south hovering above the new desert zone) make some serious money through trading, shiv raiders in the back for their sweet swag to gear our boys up and ascend our current brothers so that when new boys are rolled in, we can have a better time early game with as little deaths as possible.

Before we start off, here is a little rundown of stats, what they do and what we have.
Firstly, each character has a select background that they come from, for example, Farmers, and poachers who are specific in the stats they increase as they level. A farmer could have a higher stat roll in attack or defence, whereas a poacher might have higher stats in ranged and fatigue. I wont really be focusing too much on this for characters as I am playing this as a fun thing rather than going autistic about selection but its just a little note to explain below.

You will notice the little starts on stats, these indicate what they are talented in. Someone with 3 stars which ideally I would like everyone to have but that would take an eternity to get, means that they are very very good with that stat. Rangers for example would want a 3 star in ranged. This pushes the stat you want when it comes to rolling after a level to always be high rolls. When you get less stars, you get less roll on levelling on these stats.

When a character levels up they get a random +1-5 roll on a stat to increase. Depending on what you chose, I will be hunting for higher level specific stat rolls to make your characters into the best that they can be for what we have. These stats are:
- Health, the heart which obviously relates to a characters health pool. A very important stat for everyone which is always chosen if there is a high roll avaliable (+4 or +5) unless the beginning health pool which is around 50-60 is particularly low baseline
- Fatigue, indicated by the little boy with the bag on his back is our stamina system. Higher stats in this, mean more time before you tire out. This is affected by the current gear you have on your person, moves that you use in battle and movement. The more armour you have and gear on your person, the less fatigue you have when you get into a battle, the easier you will be to tire out and get shredded like a small child in one of those spinny crushing things, this is a very very important stat to push up as far as possible
- Morale, as indicated by the Flag in battle, is pretty obvious. It contributes to the effectiveness on the battlefield and how well they perform. Someone with a high moral will perform better, where as someone with low moral will perform worse. Many different mobs cause damage to moral through special moves which terrorise your brothers, causing them to flee. But performing well in a battle, like killing in rapid succession, special boys talents and banners/sergents increase moral. You will and probably have noticed the little white and blue flags on the brothers in the previous battles, this is a visual indication of how well someone is performing or not performing. This mechanic is tied into the next stat
- Resolve is indicated by the Lion. This stat boosts how well your characters perform in battle. It is a very important stat to roll high on and increase as stated above, it is directly linked to Morale in battle.
- Initiative as indicated by the boy with the black man in the background shows how high in the turn list in a battle you will be. Archers, swifty boys and high damage dealers want to increase this up. Although its not as important a stat.

Combat stat wise we have four main stats.
- The little sword is your attack, which is how often you will land a melee blow.
- The bow is your ranged stat. This shows how often you will land a shot from ranged.
- The shield and sword are melee defence. Decreasing the probability of landing a melee attack on you.
- The bow and shield are ranged defense. Decreasing the probability of landing a ranged attack on you.

The final few stats on a character in order are your damage output, which is effected by the weapon you have equipped, Effectiveness against armour, the chance you will be hit on the head (which is very important for frontliners as flails and other weapons will attack directly there over the shield) and vision. Vision is how far a boy can see on the map, it is a very very important stat for ranged, especially in the early game as with a low vision, you wont be able to hit mobs in range if you can't see them.

Looney Troons
Looney Troons.png

Melee defence and resolve are pretty good here, along with a nice 55 base health


Solid fatigue and a pretty high base health from the start. Bumblino will make a decent armour tank damage dealer.

Dial M for M
Dial M for M.png

High ranged attack, pretty decent health pool and a good initiative roll will make him a great kiter as you will see soon.


Absolutely nails ranger, with a low ish health pool from the start, but a great resolve and really really good ranged attack.


Pretty average in terms of stats, but a very nice ranged defence roll and very very good health and initiative roll. Pretty decent skirmisher


Now here is a big boy. High ish resolve roll, fucking absolutely nails melee defense and a great fatigue roll. This could be a god tier shieldwaller. Was very impressed by this character.
The beginning.
Our six boys, @BooWoo @Bumblino @Looney Troons @Tealeaf @Dial M for Misgender and @Swiss46 are back at it again with another sick merc company. Bumblino after joining a cult for a few years is fed up with all the burning, persecution and boredom. Has decided to hit off with his old brothers in search for fame and fortune. Meeting up in a little town called Hellstadt (fitting) we begin our journey to make a bit of dosh selling services to towns as we only have pennies to our name. We head to the surrounding towns to a place called Teifenstadt. Which puts us straight into the fire with our first contract, which is to drive off some brigands from nearby who are harassing trade routes.

6 pretty okay geared brigs are our first fight of the game
- BooWoo immediately misses her first shot which means I am definitely not on beginner difficulty. As if with 3 stars on ranged that would help her actually hit a shot on something. Looney Troons moves into defend and bog down the attacking brigs. Tealeaf nets a boy, allowing bumblino to sweep in and deal a small amount of damage to the netted boy.

- Dial M lands a nice shot after a miss to a brigand, BooWoo follows in with another shot landing her first. This is followed by Bumblino cleaving down the netted boy for our first kill.

- This is where I make a mistake and will be punished badly for it. I move Tealeaf as a shield into some brigs to defend our skirms. I shouldnt have done this as you will find out in a second.

- Bumblino pulls in another kill, showing his absolute dominance over starving low level but pretty decent geared brigs. Fucking demolished him he did. Then moves up to find another target but is punished for it, taking two attacks from high ground. However due to his armour which I purposefully gave him the better, tanks the damage. Dial M then launches a javvy so hard that it breaks the sound barrier into the brig that attacked Bumblino stealing his kill.

- BooWoo lands her first kill and probably first hit, doming a poor boy surrounded by swiss and Looney Troons. It is then I realise that I need to get Tealeaf out, otherwise he is a gonner. I move the boys in but its already too late, Tealeaf is going down, he is smote down. F in chat for our first death already.

- Mad as hell, Swiss pulls in a kill after seeing one of our new boys dead on the ground. BooWoo then cleans up for our final kill.

BooWoo - 2 Kills, 215 damage and 0 damage taken.
Bumbluno - 2 Kills, 211 damage and 50 damage taken.
Dial M for M - 1 Kill, 144 damage and 0 damage taken.
Swiss46 - 1 Kill, 140 damage and 0 damage taken.
Looney Troons 0 kills, 66 damage and 0 damage taken.

then Tealeaf who is now fertiliser. with nothing but 97 damage taken. Rest in pieces sweet king.
Rough start with a fucking stupid mistake by me, but It now shows that its not too easy after all, these were just simple brigs and how simple human error can cause a bad time.

Anyway, Instantly forgetting that he was a thing, we move on to a new contract as we still need to make lots of money. Delivering a cargo to the new zone and to go fuck around with some shitskins in the sand sounds delightful. Its an uneventful journey to be honest and there is fuck all in the middle south thats worth while so we head back north to where we will be levelling. We run to Seedorf to pick up another escort cargo contract, which some how leads to Looney Troons hurting his shoulder. Fuck knows how but it makes any battles we get that bit harder. Good job.

On the way we are stopped by some friendly brigands and a raider. That is potential for some alright loot, thats what we need!
So the plan here is to allow the caravan guard to do most of the work, sit back and mop up after. But BooWoo being the wierd mess that she is, just has to go and kill a brig instantly doming the poor fucker. Keep it up.

- I move our boys to a better position to lure the raider into the caravan guard, he takes the bait. While doing that, I net a boy for Bumblino to get to work with. He instantly fucking carves up some cunt, damaging him badly.

- Following that, Bumblino then chops the shit out of him again leaving him basically dead but still clinging to life, Its now that I realise Bumblino has potential to be ascended tier battle brother, he is going to absolutely dominate by the time we get to the gladiator rings. BooWoo follows through with a nice shot at 60% accuracy to a boy in the distance. I am a bit wary of the 1h hand axeman raider with double grip in the caravan, we really need the money from this. So I put Dial M to work whittling him down ready to come in with the dagger to get some potential loot we need. Swiss46 then knocks another boy down to size, gravely wounding him and leaving him to bleed out. Just like Bumblinos bitch, who fucking dies of blood loss. The raider is then chopped down by a caravan guard :(

- BooWoo snipes another lad, although not killing him but leaving him basically dead was hoping for the kill but it didn't happen. Swiss gets his kill, not allowing his bitch to go out the way Bumblinos did stabbing the cunt from the high ground. The Caravan guard then kill a boy, which is good and bad, we could have done with the money. Dial M chases down a running boy and locks him in combat to shank down. Swiss on the otherhand, is happy sitting by the closer boy tied up with Looney Troons, comes in from behind with help of boowoo and looney and kills the bastard.

- As we group up on the retreating boy. Dial M takes a pretty bad cut, leaving him half health, but this is okay because out of nowhere Bumblino comes balling through, taking another soul with his lovely new sword.

BooWoo 1 Kill, 336 damage, 0 damage taken
Bumblino 2 Kills, 179 damage, 68 damage taken
Dial M for M, 0 Kills, 160 damage, 90 damage taken
Swiss46, 2 kills 104 damage and 0 damage taken
Looney Troons 0 kills, 32 damage, 0 damage taken.

Immediately following that we are ambushed by some raiders, Fuck that. I abandon the caravan, fucking sprint off leaving the caravan to deal with it themselves, they already killed a raider, they could probably take them on? We run to Dusterburg to situate ourselves and decide what we want to do next. Its already been a wild time today. and im not even half an hour in to this. We fuck off to Seedorf again in search of contracts that we cant abandon. We pick up a lair finding mission for a good 300 Sheks, run back to Tiefenstadt to heal up our boys from their injuries and stock up on some merch like nets.

We then pick up a small contract to secure some stupid fucking place for the town. Its easy cash. But wait, whats this? we are stopped along the way! Some random fucker is feeling charitable and gives us his armour and weapon, we didn't even have to rob him. Thats a mail coat and a fucking arming sword for free! This small contract has turned into a gold mine.

Thats about it really, we pick up an uneventful caravan for some easy money to the north, buy some cheap food as we are running low, head back to Seedorf, our nice little money making town and spot some cheap selling materials which we can make some bank on down the road take an uneventful cargo delivery to the desert to see the shitskins again.

It is there that we find a new boy for our party who I rolled on before starting the game. @Disc Will this life be a better one than his last? There is only one way to find out isn't there!

Pretty low health pool unfortunately, however a good range defense and an okay attack stat. Low on the resolve though but I am sure we can fix that a little.

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Only in death does killing strangers for money end.

But wait, whats this? we are stopped along the way! Some random fucker is feeling charitable and gives us his armour and weapon, we didn't even have to rob him. Thats a mail coat and a fucking arming sword for free! This small contract has turned into a gold mine.
I love the random encounters in this game. My favorite so far is probably where you fight a bunch of kids over a dead merchant's jewelry.


Only in death does killing strangers for money end.

I love the random encounters in this game. My favorite so far is probably where you fight a bunch of kids over a dead merchant's jewelry.
Yeah they are great! There is one coming up soon which was pretty funny, also I really enojoy that depending on what background you hire from your recruits you can get some decent and funny encounters. For example the flaggelant in the previous run! Battle brothers really is a great game outside of the punishing and bullshit the random mobs dish out!

Kane Lives

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Yeah they are great! There is one coming up soon which was pretty funny, also I really enojoy that depending on what background you hire from your recruits you can get some decent and funny encounters. For example the flaggelant in the previous run! Battle brothers really is a great game outside of the punishing and bullshit the random mobs dish out!
My only issue with the random events is that there's simply a lot of filler ones that do nothing, or have such trash rewards that they may very well be nothing. (Anything to do with Hunters, for example).

Just to correct one of @Barbarus thing: stats roll are not uniformly +1 to +5. God-tier stats like melee atk and melee def rolls from +1 to +3, while not-so-important stats like initiative (basically determines the order which you start) rolls from +3 to +5.

How does this interact with talents (stars)? Stars basically raise the minimum roll which you can get. Eg. a one star in matk will roll between a range of +2 to +3, a two star in matk will always +3. A three star in melee atk means you get a chance to roll above the normal max, which means you get a range of +3 to +4 instead.

Notice a pattern here? While stars guarantee a minimum threshold on level ups, there's nothing stopping someone who's exceptionally lucky on rolling max stats on each level up, and being as good as the ones without. Of course, the odds on that are pretty low, and so, should not be relied on. That said, talents only determine the maximum potential of a bro, and if your starting stats is low, that bro is going to be shitty for a long while until he gets some levels and those talents start kicking in. It's also why it's sometimes worth to hire a bro who has great starting stats, despite having no stars in anything good, because those high stats can be used now, rather than at some undetermined point in the future.

From the screenshot above, you can safely file Swiss46 was one of the better tier 1 recruits I seen (I assume it's a farmer or thief because damn those stats are good), because 58 matk is near max roll (I assume there's already a level or two in there), with base mdef of 5-10 means he'd be one of those guys in the frontline who won't ever take a hit at max level unless they get 5% chanced on (which in BB, happens more often than you think). BooWoo is going to be a deadly ranger at some point as well. Base 53 ratk means he'd end up with 90+ ish ratk by level 11, which is insanely good. But he's gonna need babying in the early levels.

It is unfortunate OP didn't get to pick up anything skilled for melee busywork yet but I'm sure we'll get there in due time.


It is unfortunate OP didn't get to pick up anything skilled for melee busywork yet but I'm sure we'll get there in due time.
Yeah, unfortunately I didn't get the chance to spend any more time pushing for better ranks on the main 4 survivors from the last game as it was already reaching day 7 and I was practically out of money!

When it comes to two rolls in particular, im hoping to get a solid wildman for you if opportunity permits and a decent monk for myself as banner bearer however I'll have to deal with that when it comes to it!


This is gonna be a really quick one because I have not had much time to play or update much really.

Following off from the last time, our mission is the same, to obtain some fat cash, get our renown up with the houses and get some better armour and weapons equipped for our boys. As you saw before, @Disc was rolled in from one of the desert towns to the south. One of the main goals is to grab a whip to make fights about 20 times easier for us, as they can disarm raiders which is exactly what we need to do as once we get enough money secured, Raider fights are gonna be my main target for loot. Through clearing camps and contracts. We head to Tiefenstadt to pick up a contract to clear some shit to get some stolen merchandise. Its just thugs, pretty easy. I will also do what I plan to do for every other battle from now on to make things a bit easier. That is using Dial M as bait to split forces up.

- Our shieldwall lines up, Dial M heads off to the north but not before @BooWoo domes a boy at a 60% chance! looks like her range is coming in handy already. She will be 360'ing poor nigs in no time.

- @Swiss46 pops his spearwall, Disc misses his first shots, which I bloody hope is not going to be a recurring thing! and the rest of the party stay in the same place pretty much, Its a slow burner thats for sure.

- Boowoo grabs her second kill, followed by Disc throwing a net and doing some meaty damage to a boy leaving him open for @Bumblino to carve up when possible. @Looney Troons tries to snipe the kill, but the boy manages to tank the damage leaving him gravely wounded. Bumblino then hits his turn and claims his kill. Three boys down so far. He moves in to close up on a boy trying to get round the side and claim another kill.

- lotta misses from our melee today, range are on top form though as Disc lands a nice shot on a boy leaving him low. Dial M is still kiting some boys but I fuck up slightly and leave him to get caught up in a fight not moving him fast enough. I rush the ranged closer to clear it out. Dial Snipes a boy getting his first kill, followed by Bumblino smiting the last one down.

Boowoo, 2 kills, 204 damage and 0 damage taken
Bumblino, 2 Kills, 169 damage and 0 damage taken
Disc. 1 kill, 116 damage and 0 damage taken
Swiss46, 1 kill, 59 damage and 0 damage taken
Looney Troons, 0 kills, 41 damage and 137 damage taken

We hand in the contract, and pick us up another contract to start when I get back to playing!

So just a little of note thing, My current plans are as follows
- Get us some sharp knives for shiving raiders and getting their armour and helmets
- Try to push BooWoo and Bumblino up as much as possible as they our the current damage dealers for the moment. BooWoo with a very high level range is going to basically make any non armoured mobs in daytime easy kills for quick clearing battle grounds.
- Make fat money obviously, through trading goods and shit, when the ambition comes up to sell 25 trade goods, I will grab this to motivate me to actually do it.

Stat wise there is really not much difference on our boys so I wont do a run down for this one.

755 damage done
0 damage taken
5 Kills

559 damage done
118 damage taken
6 Kills

116 damage done
0 damage taken
1 Kill

303 damage done
0 damage taken (wow)
4 kills

Looney Troons
139 damage done
137 damage taken
0 kills

Dial M for M
557 damage done
90 damage taken
1 kill

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