Battle for Section 230 - The Situation Monitoring Thread for Monitoring the Situation of the Situation Monitor's Situation Monitoring


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That Posobiec tweet is peak misinformation and people are uncritically retweeting it and claiming victory and Trump vindication. Dead gay retard nigger country.
If people parroting stupid and blatantly false shit said by another person makes the US a "dead gay retard nigger country" then we've been that since the Spanish-American War.


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Don’t worry guys, Agent Prilosec is on the case. He’ll put a stop to 230 because he knows what a threat it is to Are Greatest Ally!


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lol It's not going to lead to much of anything happening to this place, rather Twitter and other normalfag social media is possibly going to get skullfucked by the government.
The day 230 disappears is the day this site vanishes, too. Just a reminder.


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The day 230 disappears is the day this site vanishes, too. Just a reminder.
Who says it will disappear? They could just modify it enough to fuck over places like Twitter and Google by making them either drop the soft-censorship bullshit or lose their protection. Now, I'm not necessarily saying they would do it that way, but they could. Also, I thought concern over this was part of the reason our Dear Feeder had moved overseas and was looking into overseas hosting options?


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Who says it will disappear?
Null. I think he'd know. Also 230 or not, no other country has anything remotely as good as the First Amendment on speech issues. So it would almost have to be some fuckhole with a nonfunctioning government, and those also mostly have shitty Internet infrastructure, plus you're likely to get shook down by criminals or the government itself for bribes.

There's "bulletproof hosting" like outright criminal sites operate on, but again, there you're dealing literally with criminals and sharing network space with CP distributors and DDoS and other unsavory shit. Plus their prices are extortionate, even if they don't decide actually to extort you even more themselves.


After doing some research I think that this bill is reasonable.

It reduces the protections that all service providers receive from censoring content. If damages arise from censorship, companies can be sued for it.

Edit: These bills are reasonable.
Sen. Kelly Loeffler’s Stop Suppressing Speech Act of 2020 and House counterpart H.R.7808
Sen. Wicker’s Online Freedom and Viewpoint Diversity Act
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