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I was an early fan of the CW DC shit, I frankly loved the shit out of first 3ish seasons of Arrow.. And the first 2 or so seasons of Flash were... ok.. (despite grossly miscasting... pretty much everyone, including the titular character...) And "Legends of Tomorrow" was utter shit from the beginning... I even tried to watch through their first season and it only got worse... But yeah, the DC/CW universe has pissed away any good will I ever had for them.

Hell, I literally just found out that "Black Lightning" (I.e. the joke character they made so the Super Friends had one brown person in it) has gotten 2 seasons of shows since I stopped giving a shit about this shared universe. I shudder to think how "#woke" a show about an already canon lesbian superhero is going to be, especially when this universe doesn't even have the man she was ripping off in the first place. (Even though this Ollie is basically Batman in everything but name)

I don't even know who the chick hashtagging #Feminism in this scene is, but I think I made the right choice to stop watching this shit.

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This whole thing is already guaranteed to be a mess, makes me glad I quit watching TV during my teenage years.

Don't know why anyone expected anything different considering it's starring Ruby Rose. Anything she does is destined to suck.
Don't tell that to the army of horny men that get off to her. Actually fuck that, please do. It's funny seeing them meltdown over nobody liking generic and boring dyke #2000.
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What's always amusing to me is in the comics, only the really bad writers fall into the trap of making them "I'm just like person X, except a strong independent woman." For example, comic Batwoman usually dealt in weird supernatural stuff with pretty minimal interaction with any of Batman's rogues galley. Despite her name, she is her own independent character and not just Batman but a girl, which is exactly what it looks like they're doing in the trailer.

For a little more comic sperging, Black Vulcan was the dude from Superfriends. They had to make him because the creator of Black Lightning didn't want to sign over the rights or something. His show is kinda...meh, more or less what you'd expect from any CW show. If you like the genre and have nothing else to watch I don't think you'd regret watching it to kill time, but you probably wouldn't remember anything significant about it once you log out of Netflix. Early Arrow was the only super stuff that I'd say was above average, the rest is anywhere from at best okay to pretty awful, but potentially so bad it's good territory if you're hate watching it with some friends.