BBC's Dracula Reboot will be Bisexual; Van Helsing gets Gender-Swapped - When you make the Twilight vampires look butch and menacing, it's time to stop....

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Anti Fanta
Apr 17, 2017
I'm sure many dissolute counts and aristocrats from eastern Europe in that period were bisexual. It totally fits Dracula's character.


Inflammatory Metacommentary
Jul 17, 2019
How is it woke to have a villain be bisexual?

Isn't that a 'problematic' trope as old as cinema, if not older? I mean...Spartacus anyone?

Where are the armies of triggered-happy Justice Warriors of the Gender Apocalypse? They should be all over this.

Dom Cruise

True & Honest Fan
Jun 18, 2019
If you something good Dracula related check out Kim Newman's book series Anno Dracula, which is an alternate history story where Dracula wins at the end of Bram Stoker's Dracula instead of getting killed.

There was a new book in the series released just recently as a matter of fact.

Apr 13, 2018
Well Vampires have always had a sexual component to them and the act of Dracula feeding has been considered symbolic for sex (and sexual assault...can't wait until Dracula gets #MeToo'd...or is it okay to be a sexual assaulter if he's Bi? I literally don't know the rules anymore) so him being bisexual isn't that much of a stretch, even if they go literal with it rather than symbolic.

As for Van Helsing as the latest gender swapped character...okay, one of these days, I would love to see a traditionally female character get swapped to male, and see how well they all react to that.


What'll it be, boys?
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Jun 29, 2016
Erh even a cursed human can have desires
Some of the more interesting vampire stories revolve around relationships between someone who's esentially immortal but is in love with a mortal human being
Now that really plays up the curse aspect - the castlevania anime did that pretty nicely

And as loathe as I am to admitting to reading anne rice, she does handle this side quite well, especially when it comes to armand

We're going to have to agree to disagree on this, because we expect very different things from our vampires. I don't want vampires to even be capable of love, I want them to do this:


I'm a feminist: I hate all genders equally
Mar 3, 2019
Van Helsing as a woman is... kind of missing the character's entire point, because you could argue that the novel is partly about Van Helsing, Jonathan and the Boys(tm) realizing that leaving Mina behind In The Kitchen(tm) is a bad idea because:

a) She gets attacked by Dracula as revenge for Lucy because they told her it was too dangerous for her to participate so she ended up isolated
b) She ends up proving she's probably the most intelligent person of the group and Van Helsing goes from seeing her as a precious thing who needs to be protected to an equal in intelligence and bravery.

So you could seriously argue that Mina is a proto-feminist character, so turning Van Helsing into a woman is missing the entire frigging point, except to get extra woke points. But taking a classic that was Fair For Its Day, erasing that and replacing it with strawman woke points to shill to the Woke Audience is nothing new.

Also, Dracula being bisexual has been a point of discussion among scholars for a long while, believe it or not - mainly because of his creepy behavior around Jonathan... so, hardly good representation, since it's basically a way to show his depravity. So I'll be laughing my ass off if this adaptation goes "Uwu Dracula my bisexual baby uwu".