BC Human Rights Tribunal declines to reconsider decision in favour of estheticians who refused to wax male genitalia -

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It's a dumb argument for several reasons. First, Yaniv could have afforded a lawyer to take this case, he chose to do it pro se.
Yaniv apaprently did have representation from the BC Human Rights Clinic early on in the process, but this ended for unknown reasons. Some claim they dumped Yaniv, but Yaniv disputes this.


So wait, the reason Yaniv lost was because he was mad at immigrants right? So this case made no statement about a troon not being able to force a ball waxing, they just can't do it right now if they hate immigrants is what I'm reading.
The ruling did say that if service providers don't consent to working on a particular type of genitalia, then the Human Rights law doesn't force them to:

"In contrast, in the case of genital waxing, I have found there is a material difference in waxing different types of genitals and that, because of its intimate nature, service providers must consent to provide service on a particular type of genitals. What the law requires is that, having chosen to provide a particular service, they must provide that service without discrimination. For example, a person who customarily waxes vulvas cannot discriminate amongst their clients with vulvas, and likewise for a person who customarily waxes scrotums. However, human rights legislation does not require a service provider to wax a type of genitals they are not trained for and have not consented to wax. "
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Behavioral Sink

Adrienne Smith might be a bit of an Oger orbiter.

Adrienne Smith will join Premier John Horgan, MLA Spencer Chandra Herbert and BC NDP Pride Chair and 2017 MLA candidate Morgane Oger at the head of the BC NDP delegation in the Vancouver Pride Parade.

Adrienne Smith, a human rights lawyer in Vancouver, said all of Smith’s clients are transgender and some of them have said they have been turned away from Rape Relief after a sexual assault.

“Rape Relief takes the position that transgender women are men in dresses and that there’s something inauthentic about them,” Smith said. “Their followers repeat this messaging and it’s fundamentally hurtful to my clients and to trans and non-binary people.”

Smith said Rape Relief has stuck to the same message even as society has changed.

Trans women are sexually assaulted at four times the rate of non-trans women, often by other women, Smith said.

“The Nixon case was wrongly decided and I think it would be decided very differently if it were argued today because decision makers have a much more clear understanding that transgender women are women,” Smith said.

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I always have a good time listening to the same people who would have marched 2 yrs ago against forcing women to touch dick now scream "you better touch that girlcock or you're a bigot!". I hope eventually they keep pushing the line until people start being okay with being called transphobic, lumping people who wont suck any dick alongside people who beat up trannies isnt gaining any sympathy from the first group.

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Boy Man God Shiiiit
Lol'd at the bit where the tranny lawyer says the problem about Yaniv being a racist piece of shit isn't that being a racist POS is problematic, but that he should have had a handler telling him to keep it to himself.

So basically this human rights activist lawyer is A-OK with racism, as long as people are smart enough to keep it off of twitter.
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