$ (BCO) Bananacoin - Completely legit Russian banana ranchers in Laos


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The Bananacoin Project was established by a group of professionals with over 3 years of experience in producing bananas in Laos, consulted by software development experts and professional lawyers, in order to take advantage of blockchain technology in addressing real business objectives.

The strategic goal of the project is a core modification of business and export relationships connected to the production and delivery of bananas. The initiators of the project have set a goal — to decentralize the process of business expansion and take it beyond the framework of traditional partnerships.

The Bananacoin Project will facilitate wider recognition of blockchain technology on the commodity market, forming a close connection with blockchain communities — Bitcoin, Ethereum, WAVES and others. Bananacoin will create tokens using blockchain (Ethereum), and tokens will be emitted based on the export price of 1 kilogram of bananas.

Bananacoin is blockchain project aiming to achieve a core modification of
the global banana production industry, similar to how Uber has revolutionized
the taxi industry or how Upwork has brought freelancing to a new level. In
short, the initiators of the project create processes in the production of organic
bananas through the implementation of an economic element in the seemingly
completely understood export relations of the product.

Bananacoin is using the proven TGE crowdfunding model, allowing backers
to invest in expansion of production and become holders of Bananacoin
tokens (BCO), which can be exchanged after project launch
for goods or funds and are expected to more than double in value in 18
months’ time.

After the realisation of the project, Bananacoin tokens will be exchangeable
for a certain amount of Lady Finger bananas or equivalent monetary
compensation. Because the token is backed by the market value of 1 kilogram
of bananas, participants can be certain of the success of the project, as the
demand for bananas is constant. Furthermore, Lady Finger bananas are
considered to be among the best banana varieties, and the environmentally
friendly technologies used in our project ensure that the good will remain an
attractive investment and that its price will grow constantly.


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So, if I'm understanding this correctly, this is a cryptocurrency whose value is tied to the price of a kg of bananas. Where can I get in on this scam?

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