#BecauseofAmber - How has Amber inspired you?


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Yesterday someone on twitter suggested the hashtag #BecauseofAmber for women to use after completing their routine gyno checkups inspired by Amberlynn's very stunning and brave cancer diagnosis meltdown video. We want to be fair here, this absurd hashtag wasn't AL's own idea.

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Thanks Bridget! http://archive.md/ttVcr

Given that Amberlynn has already backpedaled on her cancer panic in a YT live today, this shitposting thread isn't so tasteless as it seems, not quite. Let's have fun (and stop shitting up the Social Media thread with this).

Some examples:
I know that @Oh Hamburgers is a sucker #becauseofAmber
I always keep an extra blanket in the car for period accidents #becauseofAmber
I will never eat at Cheesecake Factory #becauseofAmber
I will never feel fat again #becauseofAmber
I use Mrs Dash and garlic and onion salt on everything #becauseofAmber

Now give it your best shot you creative deviants!


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Here are a few from the social media thread that I liked

I DON'T use pads or tampons and freebleed everywhere like an animal #BecauseOfAmber
I DO use hair products on my face #becauseofamber

I can lie in the face of overwhelming evidence to the contrary

I cant lay on my back without gasping for air #becauseofamber

I 'repaired' my hymen using a small thin square of smoked ham and some scotch tape #becauseofamber

I will start dating the ugliest inbred yokel bull dykes imaginable so I can be the pretty feminine one in in the relationship! #becauseofAmber

I only eat six bacons with my aygs and cook everything until it is dry as Nevada #becauseofAmber