#BecauseofAmber - How has Amber inspired you?


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-I eat foods I'm allergic to because I learned that if you keep on eating the food, you'll see that you're not in fact allergic to the food itself, it has more to do with the way is prepared. You just need to figured out what works for you.

- I learned how to mealprep water by filling bottles with water and putting them on the fridge so when I want a water I can just get one.
Later Amber made even easier by showing me that bottled water is already prepped so is easier just to buy a bunch of those.


#becauseofamber I am now more stupid than I ever thought possible.

When a woman goes to the Gynecologist for a Pap Smear, they take a sample from the Cervix not the Uterus. We do not have a womb and a Uterus. We have a Uterus that becomes a Womb only when we are with child. This fucking idiot. For anyone who gives a flying fuck!


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True & Honest Fan

My urine looks like creamy chicken noodle soup
I count mental gymnastics as exercise
I can interchange the definition of rape
Gaining weight is fine so long as I know how to angle the camera
Wet wipes count as a shower
So long as I film chest up nobody knows how fat I am