Becky left me - 7/24/2019

becky left me - Recap (so you don't have to suffer through this "inscrutiateen" video!)

- Hamber isn't wearing as much makeup as usual. Crucial information.

- Becky took her mom to an appointment, and left Hamber at home. Clickbait confirmed. Roll credits!


- We're a minute in, and Becky is back (in the background). But wait, Becky is going to visit FAMILY! Clickbait RECONFIRMED!

- Becky will get to meet a whole bunch of new family! (Who aren't dead yet!)

- Hamber can't be a car for "that long" (Becky mentioned it's 2 to 3 hours away) and there's no hotels to open up nostalgia boxes from Target. She's not comfortable staying in someone else's house. (Because nobody else has furniture that can support your girth and load, PlanetLynn!)

- Lots of blubbering (figuratively and literally) over Becky being gone.

- Hamber in a blanket "situation" because she's nekkid. Recap of the EXACT SAME INFORMATION we were given 30 seconds ago. Thanks, RepeatLynn!

- They spent their "last night together" playing Mario Party and watching "Us".

- Goodbye, Rebecca.

- Hamber was in foster care from 9 to 18 so she always had a roommate, and then also out of foster care. (She needs SOMEONE suffering with her presence at ALL TIMES because if her heart finally gives out, someone needs to be in hamhock-arm's length to call an ambulance or mortician.)

- 5:30 into the video: COOKING WITH HAMBER! Sammich!

- Whole grain bread, processed chicken slices, and "a little bit" of mayo!

- Fantastic footage of a dog shitting in a yard. Nothing but quality content on this channel! It was HIGHLY REQUESTED, y'all!

- The neighbors have a "bomb-ass" above-ground pool in their yard, so it's time to force others to do labor and set up and clean the dirty-ass pool! Timeline finally catches up to Eric's "SETUP MY POOL WITH ME" video from a month ago!

- Later that night! MOAR STORMS happened. Dinner happened. "Evil Dead" was watched. Recommendation of "Dead to Me" on Netflix led to 3 episodes watched.

- GreedyLynn fails to drag this out to 10 minutes.

TL;DR - Becky "left" Hamber to visit family for a few days because Hamber couldn't handle the trip.

3:50 “they won’t even notice you’re gone”

Damn, shots fired. See that subtle microaggression. Bitch is really trying it and it's apparently working.

Ooooooh, since we are playing fast and loose with the Hamber timeline, what do you guys bet she got her bellybuuuuuuon infection while Becks was gone because the butler wasn't there to lift the FUPA to clean her properly?


I'm just a dry gorl
I bet she was a fucking nightmare for those three days for Eric and Ricky to deal with. You know she spent the entire time fucking boiling with resentment that she couldn't give in to every food craving the second it hit her, because her chauffeur wasn't around. She was most likely too embarrassed to ask Ricky to pick stuff up for her too, so she resorted to ordering pizza hut 3 times a day.

Also I know Becky fucking sucks and deserves this hell she's carved out for herself just as much as Amber does, but a tiny part of me hopes that her family spent the three days untangling her from Amber's shitty web. Although you'd think coming home to a fetid sack of skin and fat would be enough to waken the senses (:_(

The narc is chilling with this one. The point of this clickbait is that Becky is going to a family reunion, and yet the whole video is about how poor Amber was in foster care and she’s so scared of sleeping alone and woe is her, do you hear that Becky? This is SO hard on her and she’s SO upset but no no no go do your thing it’s fine. Whatever. *high pitched whining dog noises*

You can just see the massive disinterest whenever she has to choke out a single line about “I can’t wait to hear how it goes” god she’s just dreading having to listen to Becky drone on about, yknow, her family. All I have to say is you better watch your waddle-step, Amber. If you let her stay with her family long enough they might convince her to really leave you.

Also “they won’t even notice you’re gone” damn amber...The funny part is we will notice she’s gone, any Necky sighting is a highlight here on the farms. But, can’t miss your opportunity to put her down for no reason can ya?


I resigned up for weight watchers
Whenever she makes becky talk on,camera she stares at herself and closes her eyes like she's telling herself to not speak till shes done. Then immediately talks about how she feels.

The anxiety was about how you were going to get food hence why you brought up ricky cooking food when saying you were going to spend time with them lol. There is nothing between you and necky quit pretending like you can't be apart, you guys barely touch each other.

I was thinking this content is really old, and that this is when she got the UTI we already heard about.
I think you're definitely right. Didn't she say that Becks had been gone for 3 days to a family event just prior to the UTI. Fucking hell, Hamber, this is rigoddamndiculous. She is really trying it. What a fucking disgrace she is. That was fucking months ago.

I know it’s clickbait, but Becky leaving Al for real would really spice things up. I want to see Al go on another drunk rant like she did with Dusty. Becky would be better off as well without Ham’s influence. Sadly, Becky is loyal to a fault.
If the YouTube shekels dry up, I suspect you'll find that Becky is not, in fact, loyal to a fault.

I'd love a repeat of her drunken V-day stream, though.


just a couple hermit crabs, nothin' to see here.
"I just don't feel comfortable staying at someone's house when there's not gonna be enough room for me haters, you're gonna have fun with that, aren't ya"

Lol no we'll have fun going out and enjoying our lives, because we didn't eat our way to our graves (and we listen to our fucking doctors)

Also how is Amber going to wipe or shower without Becky? :biggrin: Not that she does anyways.
Show me a house that actually HAS enough room for our gorl. Go on,I'll wait...

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