BECKY’S HUGE HAIR TRANSFORMATION!!!! 10/30/19 - Amberlynn’s chili is like yessss

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Fat Shaming is Haram
She is dressing up for Halloween, ordered a Halloween Costume, and she is hoping it fits :optimistic:
Update: The costume is tight because it has 'butt-ins' in the front and she is bustin' at the seams around her 'breastissis'. Do not lah LAH gorl. We know it was tight around your 3 stomachs instead of your tictac tits.

The fags are still in the shanty in this video but who knows when this was filmed. She mentioned if the costume didn't fit she would have time to send it back so clearly this an old video.

Necky wants to get her haircut and this is the look she is going for:

Amber's reflection in the salon door

Necky got her haircut yesterday as evidenced by the date on the salon calendar

There she is. Miss America.
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She was so smug while reading those comments, Jesus

She obviously craves for negative attention, which is sad as fuck when your life is hanging by a thread and that's the only thing you give a shit about: DSP tier debunking accusations by saying "that's not true you idiot"

And of course she'll later fucking cry about getting negative comments, cue "I'm so glad I got this (negative) comment" quote

Casket Base

walden farms shill
People with rounder fatter faces look bad with shorter hair because it makes their face look rounder and fatter

Edit to comment on Becky's hair loss: I haven't seen any documentation or studies about it but my own irl observations have led me to believe that when women lose weight, even in a healthy manner, their hairline tends to thin. It'll grow back when her weight plateaus or rebounds.
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