BECKY’S HUGE HAIR TRANSFORMATION!!!! 10/30/19 - Amberlynn’s chili is like yessss


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What the fuck is wrong with Becky's hairline? She looks like she's developing male pattern baldness.
Did you see the dirty look she gave Amber when Amber asked if Becky was sure she wanted to cut it and Becky said "do you know what a pain it is maintaining this?" She was serving AL some serious daggers there, seems to me she must wash her hair, too.

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What the fuck is wrong with Becky's hairline? She looks like she's developing male pattern baldness.


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Welp, turns out Thumby doesn't look good with longer hair either....may as well chop the greasy shit off....

And, maybe it'd be more believable if THUMBY said how much she loves Big Al's "chili" except it wouldn't, 'cause Thumby's acting sucks--the best actor in the world couldn't sell that slop...

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The new hair looks like the old cut. She's had something similar before. Definitely doesn't look like that pic she was going for.

A moment of silence for the barber who had to deal with the special, 14 year old boy and his my 600 elbees life mom.
Don't forget the screeching electrocuted muppet sperging out about what tattoos and piercings he wants to get.


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What the fuck is wrong with Becky's hairline? She looks like she's developing male pattern baldness.

She has the androgynous facial features typical of women with Polycystic Ovary Syndrome and the obesity that tends to keep PCOS going strong, and androgenic alopecia is a super common PCOS sign as well. That's my best guess. Wouldn't surprise me if a close inspection of Hamber's older videos revealed some tufts of dark facial hair on Necky's lips and chin.

Good on Becky for finally wearing it how she wants it. She obviously liked short hair, but bent because Amber kept shading corpulent people with short cuts, which was extremely rude and pointed. This is a good sign that Becky is at least pushing* back a little, rather than completely rolling over how she normally does.


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Amberlynn giving becky fake compliments is the fucking worst. As if Becky doesn't know it is disingenuous.

Do you think becky likes amberlynns soup chili because it is an appetite supressant?

Also, it really speaks to the quality of the channel that I was surprised that becky did actually get a hair cut. I thought it was going to be them playing around with a stupid haircut app or some bullshit. The clickbaiting has been so egregious that I doubted an every day occurrence like going to great clips.

Becky's hair does look better, when her long hair was down it was much easier to notice how much farther her neck stuck out compared to her chin. I don't know why she doesn't just buzz it since she is trying to go low maintenance, then she wouldn't have to fuck with it at all.


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She is dressing up for Halloween, ordered a Halloween Costume, and she is hoping it fits :optimistic:
Update: The costume is tight because it has 'butt-ins' in the front and she is bustin' at the seams around her 'breastissis'. Do not lah LAH gorl. We know it was tight around your 3 stomachs instead of your tictac tits.

The fags are still in the shanty in this video but who knows when this was filmed. She mentioned if the costume didn't fit she would have time to send it back so clearly this an old video.

Necky wants to get her haircut and this is the look she is going for:
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Amber's reflection in the salon door
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Necky got her haircut yesterday as evidenced by the date on the salon calendar
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There she is. Miss America.
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God vomited and there was Becky.


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Alright. I didn't think it needed to be said but here we are.

This first appeared in the Why Does the Heffalump Haz a Sad? thread. Every unoriginal retàrd from reddit and the FB groups stole it and reposted it and perpetuated it without checking to see if the tweet existed at all. "I saw on Twitter..." the fuck you did.

I guess I should be flattered that they think I'm some hyper-vigilant lore bulldog, but read the room. I shit it out of a fake tweet generator to shitpost in an entire thread of shitposts.