BECKY’S HUGE HAIR TRANSFORMATION!!!! 10/30/19 - Amberlynn’s chili is like yessss

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Beat me Daddy, I've been good.
I'm late AF, but Becky has already said she has PCOS. That's why she carries her weight around the middle, that's why she has excess peach fuzz, that's why she has high blood pressure, that's why she needs to watch what the fuck she eats unless she wants diabetes, that also explains her terrible acne scars on her face. She has untreated PCOS. She is developing male pattern baldness as that can be a symptom as well. This could be easily controlled by taking a BC and losing weight, but that's way too fucking hard for her.
I totally agree that she has PCOS, I know someone with PCOS and Becky shares the same symptoms. Since Amber does browse this website, I would recommend that she tell Becky that she needs to stop eating sugar and she really needs to build muscle through exercising.

Hormones are made out of sugar, that's why PCOS women have such a large amount of fat since the body just can't convert it like it normally should. Muscle helps the body absorb sugar better.

I know this is going to sound gross but we know Amber has no shame when it comes to sharing. I just realise she has never said that Becky is on her period. I don't think Becky has them. Even reducing your BMI by a few points can drastically improve PCOS. If Becky loses enough weight she may get them and thus make enough estrogen herself. (I say this because women with PCOS produce way too much testrone. It's like being nature's own trans man) and this could change Becky - she'll start getting emotional and she may start to act slightly more feminine if not completely pulling a 180 and becoming femme herself. It's possible because I know someone who has done that - treated their hormones and completely changed from butch to a much more femme woman.


The non-interaction of Becky and AL is disturbing to watch and how AL forces Becky into her video. AL explains "Becky's going to have this/Becky is going to do that.." as if Becky wasn't really there, and Becky just sits there. Waits until it's over. She's an accessoire of Ambers "vaalog". It seems she really doesn't want to be filmed at all. I hope she grows a spine.