Becoming racist (and not liking it)

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Fish Fudge
Mar 19, 2021
I know the feeling. I don't consider myself racist - I don't hate black people - but it's infuriating watching them stumble about, fail, get handed a free pass, and fail again. The fuck-up rate with black people, across every single measure (single parenthood, IQ levels, income, crime rates, etc.) oustrips anything going on with any other ethnicity, and it's exhausting pretending none of it's true.

I don't know what the solution is. There's something fundamentally broken with "black culture" it seems. Decades of being told they're a victim likely fucked with a lot of developing minds.

Like you, there's a handful of black people I know - and they're intelligent, successful people. None of them seem to spend much time with other black people.


Time to rape organized crime
Jun 28, 2021
Becoming aware and accepting truth isn't racist. Niggers are criminals, but men are too. Acknowledging men commit crime more doesn't make us misandrists and neither does acknowledging this about blacks.

So relax, watch your back and property around blacks, and you're good to go.

Prophetic Spirit

"Degenerates like you deserve to be Agni Kai'd"
Oct 7, 2019
Embrace it.

It's called being realistic.

I'm not saying it's time to burn crosses on lawns or open a pay-day loan operation but it's clear you've seen why some people are 'racist'.

Have you read a fucked up news story about teenagers beating an elderly person to death? You will now be able to predict the race!

A mother sells her daughter to a pedo? The news may show a disgusting white wymen but you now know her 'baby daddy' is a black guy!

'Alabama Man' attacks a synagogue on a Jewish Holiday? Chances are you will know who did that, especially seeing how they 'forgot' to include a picture of 'Alabama Man' Muhammad Falafeljihad.

There are good and bad of all races - some are just more fucked up than others.
Thats the reasonable answer.
Remember, don't generalize.

Sep 3, 2018
I'm racist about really specific races. I get along with blacks from Africa better than African Americans. I don't have any strong opinions about Asians but think Cambodians are monkey-torturing subhumans. I feel for Haitians but think Dominicans can eat all the dicks.

I don't know what that means tbh.

Jul 7, 2021
don't generalize.
Generalizations exist for a reason. They are a time-saving cognitive tool that extrapolates conclusions from a sampling pool of previous experience. And they're generally reliable. Ideally, all generalizations should be based on firsthand experience or inherited wisdom so you know you're not just operating on delusional inventions of pop culture and the media.

You can't just try and understand every single individual you briefly encounter. That's not going to happen and nor should you try. Most of what you need to know can be intuitively perceived through observation of behavior and physiognomy. The cues you pick up will tell you most of what you need to know about them as long as you don't let your unexamined liberal assumptions override your perception of the phenomena. If you really want to develop a deeper relationship with a specific person, go ahead. But there's no reason to do this for everybody you meet.

If a group of swarthy gentlemen are tailing you at night, you're not going to say to yourself: "Boy, these guys are making me nervous, but I really shouldn't make generalizations. Let's turn around and see if we can find out for sure who they are and what they're about." Of course you would not do this. Don't let unfounded contemporary morality keep you from recognizing the obvious.

Primal reality still exists under the veneer of civilization and if you pretend that it isn't there, you're always going to be baffled by the human world.
That's not to say you can't have an understanding of or friendly and respectful relations with dissimilar people. Of course you can. But if you don't have the understanding that they are different from you in a very fundamental way, you're going to run into certain situations that you will find inexplicable and lead you to misunderstandings and mistakes. This why the Establishment is still pulling their hair out trying yo understand why blacks aren't seeing outcomes equal to whites and asians in education and the economy, even with decades of affirmative action, subsidies, and lowered standards. Instead of admitting the existence of the IQ elephant in the room, they invent abstractions like "systemic racism" in order to avoid offending their own delicate sensibilities.

Despite obfuscation and wild redefinitions by the mainstream media and academia, it's only a bad thing if you find yourself hating people where it's completely unprompted and unnecessary.
If you fly into a fit of apoplexy for having to stand next to well-groomed negro in line at the grocery store in a relatively good neighborhood, this reflects a bad character and low intelligence.
If you constantly monitor your environment for "microaggressions" and other racially-motivated reasons to be offended, you are oversocialized and mentally ill.
If you spend hours a day posting on, marinating in black-crime outrage porn, you're a loser.
If you spend hours a day defending black criminality in comment sections, you're a loser.
Noticing that blacks commit proportionally more crime per capita and don't cause paradigm shifts in science or philosophy with their ideas is just perceiving a truth about the world. Recognizing this is not an indictment of any individual person. It's just how things are.

And once you comprehend the reality of race, great. You received the message, now hang up the phone and live your life. Let it inform your decisions and actions where it's relevant, but it shouldn't monopolize your thoughts or become a one-dimensional filter through which all experience is crammed.

There is really no racism and anti-racism. There are only spergs obsessed with race beyond what is contextually warranted. If you live in a poor, crime-ridden 70% black neighborhood in Baltimore, you can be excused for having race on mind more than others. If you live in a 90% white suburb and you think about race all the time, this means you're consuming too much ideological content and should go outside.
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NeoGAF Lurker

An Niggo
Aug 15, 2016
The best part of being a racist is no longer performing mental gymnastics to jam the square peg of ideology into the round hole of reality. You don’t have to hang up a pair of Mississippi wind chimes but you don’t have to say stupid shit like Democrats are the real racists. You can start accepting reality on reality’s terms.

Over Granfalloons
Dec 6, 2021
I reason that once you acquire enough experience and knowledge about history and society it becomes challenging to not end up acquiring some particular impressions of race too.

Yet I'm a firm believer in personal autonomy so there are certain aspects of "race realism" that I can't help disagreeing with —though genetics play an important role in intelligence and behavior one isn't fated to his genes.

For me the problem is due to culture —there are unequivocally bad cultures out there who hinder personal development and are at odds with a civilised society. Could a person of disadvantaged racial makeup rise above his or hers peers? Certainly so.

The only thing he or she needs to do is leave behind cultural allegiances or costumes that are detrimental to his or hers personal growth.

And if you arrive at this particular conclusion then race no longer seems relevant or encompassing —you can see the individual behind the initial veneer of race and that's more than enough.


𝖈𝖊𝖗𝖙𝖎𝖋𝖎𝖊𝖉 𝖆𝖚𝖙𝖎𝖘𝖙
Jun 15, 2021
For me, I don't hate black people. I hate niggers. I find that there is a difference. I don't hate Hispanics, I hate spics. I don't hate white people, I hate whitetrash people.

Trash come in any color. When I see a well adjusted black man or woman on the street, put together well, I don't think that they are bothering anyone. They are fine in my eyes. Not a racist thought pops up in my brain, because I see a normal person doing normal shit.

But when I see a 300 pound wellfare queen roll into my place of business with acrylic nails clacking, falsies falling off, hair in braided knots, with her unkempt loud kids following behind, I think, "Oh, a nigger." She has spent all her welfare money buying junk food, cosmetics and shit she doesn't need. She never bothered to learn how to be a well-adjusted adult or proper mother, because her mom and her mom before her acted the same way.

There is a huge problem in the black community that they have the means to fix, they just don't want to. It's all they've ever known. It's very rare to stumble upon one who wants to change for the better and look to the future.

Most (if not all) of my friends are either black, hispanic, asian, etc. But they too see the flaws in their own upbringing and culture. When I was in middle school, my only friend was black. When we had a sleepover (like most young girls do), I cut up a cantelope for a snack. She had no clue what a cantelope had even tasted like, because her fucking mother hadn't ever bought one from the store. No shit, this little girl had never had that fruit. Her mother always spent their EBT cash on junk her entire life. She was lucky if she found an apple or banana to eat at school. Mind you, we both grew up in poor families, with mere pennies to our name - the only difference is that her mother never cared, and mine did.

I don't hate people who aren't white, I hate the ones that make life harder for their future generations by not learning from their mistakes.
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Mountain Gorilla

menses daydreamer
Dec 14, 2021
I do not think it is racist to see a stoned black man with oversized sweat pants, a sideways cap, a wife beater, and a bunch of chains who barely brings himself to mumble a coherent sentence and has an absolute zero willingness to contribute to society and get fed up very quick, just as I do not think that it is racist to see a whitetrash girl with gold hoop earings, her hair in a messy bun and a cigarette hanging out of her mouth who can not bring herself to speak a coherent sentence without threatening someone and not get fed up very quick.

There aren't easy fixes, and to some degree there are social reasons, but the entire narrative in black culture right now is all on society. It is group X, Y, or Zs fault. Note, of course, that when they are successful, it is because they are a "strong black woman" and it has nothing to do with the fact that they are also often spoon fed opportunities and funding. Anyway, there is no discussion of personal responsibility in the primary narrative of black issues, which is not healthy in my opinion.

I have felt myself getting exhausted by, lets say, the narrative pushed by black culture. I do not consider this racist, really, because I do not hate the group or black individuals, and I do not bat an eye when I meet a majority of black individuals who have integrated themselves into society and function as healthy, normal adults. I am just over the obnoxious, in your face, finger waving nonsense that is more often than not associated with black culture (particularly women). I hate it just as much when white women and gay men do it too. It's just exhausting because these people literally contribute nothing and yet they are encouraged to run their mouth with a finger in your face "you go girl".

I go back and forth on this, but I also think that the whole BLM narrative has really prompted a lot of younger black individuals to feel justified in just being downright rude and obnoxious towards white people. Again, it is such an unhealthy mindset for the culture to take in my opinion. I believe that there are social factors, but there rarely is hard discussions on how to solve problems. It is typically just "white peoples fault" and that's the end of the conversation.

Also, I think that it is a 100% fair statement that black people are the group that is the most obsessed with race in America right now, as well as the group of people the most likely to group and make statements about people by race. There is so much projection on their end.
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Fentanyl Floyd

Jul 30, 2020
All I know is I never met many black dudes who had trouble getting laid. They just walk up and say “hey girl how do I get with you?” and 5 minutes later they’re fucking.

Whereas “high IQ” whites and Asians can devote most of their brainpower to the getting laid problem and still fail at it.

So who’s really the superior race here? The one that makes rocket planes but can’t procreate? Natural selection says no.
That's not how natural selection works you retard