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The same typ isnt so easy. its at the crossroad between northern and southern pils. try Becks or Grolsch for the more northern route or Krombacher for the more southern route
Thanks for the recommendations. I'm going to try those out and see how I go.


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After a long weekend nothing beats six bottles of miller genuine draft and another six of high life
Any time I've been in the mood for High Life there's been a decent beer on sale and cheaper per bottle, so I never end up getting it.


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Any time I've been in the mood for High Life there's been a decent beer on sale and cheaper per bottle, so I never end up getting it.
Eh I've never been a picky drinker hell I've bout colt 45 and country club just because I'm tanked by the time I'm at bottom of a bottle.
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I'm thinking of pulling the trigger on a home brewing kit. The Mr. Beer one seems to have good reviews and is a pretty basic starter. Is there any reason I'm making a mistake?


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My favorite is Sierra Nevada torpedo: Tastes great and it can actually get you drunk.
That shit's expensive, though. So my goto is Hurricane which isn't technically beer. It's nigger beer (malt liquor) but damn does a few of those do the job.
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Two new beers for me.
Oliphant Super Squishy

Pretty damned good. Not too in-your-face with the sour, really pleasant.

Oliphant Smoked Wheat Erryday

Was surprised at just how much I liked this. It's actually a tiny bit spicy.


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Over this past year my favorite go-to summer brew has become Founder's Centennial. It's a simple beer perfect for cooling off with on a hot day.


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Even though I don’t drink anymore (ex alcoholic) my two favorite beers used to be RCH Pitchfork and Admam’s Broadside. Both excellent beers.
Understand situation. Use to be a ball's to the walls drinker. I mean hey worked as a part time bouncer at a titty bar... so what I did drink over there was maddog 20/20, Night train, and Colt 45. Then I got hooked on honey ale and honey mead. And jagermeister. Can't forget that.

Then my body said FUCK YOU plus a death of a friend who crashed his Harley while drunk (17 years ago), well stopped drinking all together.

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Daddy's got a new ride, kiddies.
New beer.

This might be the first time I've ever had a dessert beer that really, truly felt like a dessert all on its own. Sweet mother of fuck it is disgustingly good.


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i tried a tiny amount of beer. it's a local brand so i wont list for fear of dox plus the brand name is apparently changing too. tasted like shit. not interested in beer.

I mentioned this brand of beer in another thread, but I recently tried Berry Vision by Big Ditch and its the most refreshing sour beer I've ever had. Highly recomend if you like raspberries.