Behind The Meme/Normies Salt - NORMIES REEEEEE except completely serious

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Computery Guy

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Apr 30, 2017
So, for those of you who have no fucking idea, Behind The Meme is essentially a bozo on the internet who's sort of a poor man's Know Your Meme. He takes Youtube Memes that've risen in popularity recently, and makes videos explaining their origins and some of their most popular examples.

Here's one. Pretty harmless, right? Some guy just describing a dumb meme so that regular people have an idea what the fuck.

But as we have long noticed, the meme community is a bunch of insular babies who can't stand the idea of not being part of the Super Secret Special Society.

This is just one example of someone unironically going on about Normies, but you can basically find this shit just by eyeballing the dude's comment section.

So, use this thread to discuss autistic manbabies unironically REEEEEing because people that aren't them like memes.

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Aug 3, 2017


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Mar 11, 2017
I'm too old for this shit

Isn't the point of memes to ironically spam them to fill the void of your soul? it makes more sense to me if more people know what a meme is so they can see my cries for help

I guess they're an art form fit for curating now. In other words, pretentious hipster garbage. Move along everybody. Nothing more to see here.

Aug 20, 2017
I've always wondered. These basement dwellers say that Behind the Meme is killing memes, but is there any tangible proof of this? EmpLemon mentioned that memes were dying quicker nowadays, but that's probably because of how normified the Internet has become in the first place.
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