Being a Bestiary of SJWs Most Foul and Wondrous


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Jan 29, 2015
Type 9. She's part of a relatively young species of the Type 9, the Movement Apologist.

The movement apologist is, traditionally, a leftist with considerable cultural guilt, typically imagined due to indoctrination by the ideology. These are the poor shitheads that can get baited into say, donating to black extremists for "reparations," or who get browbeaten into acting against self-interest. Others are fully aware of what they're doing, but are doing it anyway because MUH NARRATIVE, and they want to force their angle, truth and audience be damned. Sarsour falls into this subcategory, as her shit doesn't pass even the most basic of musters and led to a fucking amazing throw-down by an incredibly based Imam (Imam Tawhidi, who she will never fucking respond to):

Tawhidi is fucking awesome, as a side-note, wish we had a dozen more like him.

Movement Apologists act the way they do to for different reasons, depending on the subspecies: either footslog for the movement in spite of the fact that the movement hates them (see also: Men backing feminists who hate men, white people who back Gazi Kodzo, et al) because they feel obligated to due to percieved past misdeeds, or alternately because they feel that if they do not, they will be labelled part of the problem. The more sinister variants, like Sarsour, do it because they know they can get away with it for the moment and will attempt, over time, to gradually turn themselves into a Type 1, 2, or 4.
Looking onto this, perhaps The Movement Apologist could be a new Type of its own, thus making it Type 11.


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Dec 28, 2014
Would you guys consider Angela Merkel one and if so, what teir would she be?

I don't think so. You have the immigration debacle, but otherwise she'd be center-right here. She voted against gay marriage, although the very fact she brought it up for a vote guaranteed it would pass, so it's hard to say for sure. Flooding Germany with the worst immigrants in the world certainly leans in that direction, though.


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Oct 2, 2016
[old post with extreme powerleveling, you've been warned]

If we're talking about IRL encounters... This is probably gonna be incredibly sappy but whatever.

I've told this story before but one of the reasons I really grew to hate SJWs was because I essentially lost a friend to their ideology, and back before I developed a thick enough skin for this stuff I was pretty harmed by it too. That's of course very dramatically stated as we had grown apart in other ways, but it played a big part. She and her sister were both pretty sheltered growing up; they were both home-schooled (not for religious reasons though). So I imagine that made them pretty susceptible to the emotional manipulation and shaming of Tumblr, which they both joined in its early incarnation. Soon, everything followed: Pink hair, septum ring, and an extremely judgmental attitude toward everything I said or did. The older sister became a hyperfeminist ideologue who threw out anything she liked before and chastised others for it as soon as it stopped reflecting her politics. People like this who cannot separate the appreciation of art from politics have since become one of my biggest pet peeves. The younger sister wanted to start taking testosterone, adopted the they/them pronouns, "genderqueer" label, etc. I guess "they" could be, but it reeked of transtrending to me. Given that she's only 15 too this seems like a particularly dangerous move if it really is only pretending.

Now, I was following her on Tumblr and Facebook at the time so I absorbed everything she said. I've always been extremely susceptible to guilt, and the mass-shaming social justice types use was something I'd been harmed by in the past. When I was a young teen I had a lot of times where I hated myself for being white, male, etc. before I matured enough to realize I didn't have to answer for my entire race/gender. My friend essentially dragged me back into that state of mind. It was really unhealthy because I noticed I was taking everything she said at face value because "I don't want to be sexist/racist/homophobic/etc. do I?" One of the most notable moments came when I was feeling really horribly about myself and had to show a friend the blog she'd linked to. He immediately was shocked and said "This is just petty bullying. I can't believe you're taking this seriously." Looking back, I can't either. At the time I was shocked. I thought "Bullying? This is just fighting for equality!" It's scary how much denial I was doing. My friend was awesome by pointing out that an upper middle class, HOME-SCHOOLED white girl complaining about oppression seemed really ridiculous. But being drenched in this was a very educational experience, it taught me to be incredibly skeptical of labels and ideologies, even if they seemed to mirror myself.

The final moment where I knew I had to break with these two was where I was having a crisis over her making fun of "not all men". This fucked the younger, more naive me up. Because it robbed me of avoiding their bile directed against my gender. I texted her asking "What's a more appropriate way to say 'not all men' so people can know I'm not as bad?" She responded by saying "Well, you should never say anything like 'not all men' because the truth is that pretty much all men ARE that bad. You just have to have a really anti-sexist attitude." Gee, thanks. I read that and realized that if someone was really far-gone enough to truly throw out an entire gender, they really were too much for me. It's especially ridiculous because while she said "not all men" was the wrong ideology, she was also dating a white guy at the time (even though omg muh open relationship lolol), so it seems like she had to have been thinking he wasn't like "all men". Blatant doublethink. Now she lives with that guy up in riot grrrl central in the Northwest and I think has been fucking like 11 (!) other guys in addition to him. I worry for him because while he knows it's supposed to be open, I don't think he's as "open" as her so I sometimes worry about how that makes him feel. I don't mean to denigrate open relationships, but that is just skanky as fuck lol.

Also, I just want to say that their hero-worship of Beyoncé was pretty hilarious to me. The older of these two sisters was literally CRYING tears of joy watching her Girls Run the World performance and telling anyone who didn't like it that they were misogynist. I'm not trying to discount her completely, but I seriously have to wonder how much of Beyoncé's feminist image is marketing playing to young college-age Tumblr girls. If her FEMINIST label really is a marketing thing, then holy shit for people so disdainful of capitalism they're being played like utter fools by her.

I've had one or two other experiences with SJW types but nothing so extreme. I saw a poster on my campus the other day that said "ARE YOU AN ASEXUAL, ROMANTIC-TYPE PERSON?" followed by an email. I imagine it was a group to discuss Doctor Who and drink tea and whatnot.

But yeah, common feature of all the SJW people I've met is that they're incredibly passive-aggressively bitchy in real life and seem to do this stuff on the internet to feel like heroes. I think it's pathetic.

(It's one of the reasons I first joined the Kiwi Farms, hearing people of all walks of life finally rip into these exceptional individuals gave me such an incredible peace of mind :heart-full:)

Sorry but the last line of this is the truest thing I've ever read. Thats why I came to the farms too. Same boat :).

Aug 26, 2018
In my experience i've encountered type 2, 3 and 6 online. I think it is also worth to divide them by which type of "fight" they are "fighting"

There will be the ones focused on race/agaisnt culture appropriation. Usually your #blacklivesmatter activist that hates cops or your local usa-born latino/a (i just despise the made up word latinx) that complain the US is a shitty country but don't mind living there or are oblivious to how many people want to live in their "shitty country". Will also celebrate and defend any culture/religion even if they are harmful and have backwards notions like islamism. Usually are agaisnt christianism but for some reason are supportive of islamism.

The radical feminist type aka hates all men. Terfs are in this group as well.

Extreme disability right's activists / Neurodiversity groups. Where everything is ableist and opression points depend on how sick/disabled you are. If you don't have anything wrong with you physically it's alright as you can always self diagnose with some laundry list of mental illness! But you can never disagree or have some controversial opinion, even if yourself is disabled or have some mental illness you can't deviate from the popular opinion or you just have some internal ableism! Mostly made up of self proclaimed autistics but that more or less are only really interested in advocating for other autistic people than any other kind of disabled people.

The ones focused on lgbt+ issues and fake genders/pronouns and nonbinary stuff are the majority. All of them will have a special focus on this because no one can be caught being cis or straight.

Ultimately there is the kind that will be a mix of all of them. Will more likely focus on something that has to do with some personal issues they have but will support other types of SJ when it crosses their dashboard.

A type 6 I follow on tumblr is a 20year something adult that uses tumblr posts as valid sources for their arguments and believes what anyone from any minority group will tell them. Is also very 'woke' about her own privilege of being white and surrounds her personality around smoking weed.
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Jan 25, 2016
Moral Justice Warriors are as bad as your run of the mill SJWs. I think a lot of people outside of the tumblr corner would give them a pass since they're more right-leaning, but they use the same tactics SJWs use (censorship, ban media they don't like...). Like, they're still gonna go after that action movie and its sexy female character cause it promotes violence and the female character is an evil slut with horrible role model values who deserves to DIE.

Dec 17, 2017
Moral Justice Warriors are as bad as your run of the mill SJWs. I think a lot of people outside of the tumblr corner would give them a pass since they're more right-leaning, but they use the same tactics SJWs use (censorship, ban media they don't like...). Like, they're still gonna go after that action movie and its sexy female character cause it promotes violence and the female character is an evil slut with horrible role model values who deserves to DIE.
While I agree on principle, I’d argue that because SJWs currently tend to have much more of a presence in both the media and in academia (from what I’ve seen), they are much worse than Moral Justice Warriors.