being friends my with ex.... (10/1/2019) -

Erins Wifey

I'm just here for the hate parade
Its funny how she says this but yet we never hear about Krystle anymore.
I think that shit ended when Beefy literally aired Nenas dirty laundry on Eric's channel. I would be the same way, tbh. If some exceptional individual showed a pic of my girls period panties from years ago, not only on Fakebook, but on fucking YouTube, I promise we aren't friends. I wish Nena would bring her big ass forward and blast that dumb bitch. I hate Beefy. Sorry not fucking sorry.

Erins Wifey

I'm just here for the hate parade
I’d love to know why AL and Krystal aren’t friends anymore. I am just assuming since she didn’t make a fuss over their usual holiday gift exchange this past yea

I believe that "friendship" dissolved completely after Beefy did that video on Eric's channel referring to Nenas stained (but clean) period panties that Eric posted on Facebook to blast her. Cuz everyone was mad that big Nena dumped Beefy at Taco Bell. Since Krystle is with Nena now, it makes sense to me. After that vid went up, there was zero talk about Krystle. Someone needs to find these two lovetards and get them to spill some tea for us thirsty fucks! That s my theory.


i don't believe it
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How thoroughly enjoyable that Her Cuntyness is wider than the shower.
Eric and Ricky will be triggered when they come back from vacation and find out she was farting around in their bathroom. She knows better. And if she also allowed guests to use their bedroom, that will be even better. I hope they explode at her.

I just tortured myself and watched the vlog. At this point, she has to be paying all the rent or damn near close to it. She has taken over the fags’ bathroom now. Buy a stool on Amazon Richie Rich. Anyway on the subject of exes. They are an EX for a reason. There is nothing tying them together, such as a child, that would warrant a friendship. It is not normal. They have this weird 4some that she thinks all couples have. I know most people, myself included, would rather be slammed in the face with a sledgehammer than have lunch with an ex and his new girlfriend. But, she’s so desperate for any contact with the tard she will endure watching the cuddles and the I love you’s just to see Dustin. She is so sick in so many ways.


True & Honest Fan
There is nothing tying them together, such as a child, that would warrant a friendship. It is not normal. They have this weird 4some that she thinks all couples have.
According to some, it's a legit dyke thing. I have no idea

And she didn't just do it with Destiny. She did it with Krystle. She even tried to stay friends or "fRiEnDs" with Kasey, Kasey's mom and Kasey's friends who never liked her to begin with. People use Amberlynn but she's a user too, that's why she doesn't like to wash her hands of people until she's sure she can't get anything more out of them and has accepted there's no possibility of falling back on them in the future.

And I just want to remind you gorls that we don't know she's not "friends" with Krystle anymore. All we know is that she's no longer flexing on us with the piles of gifts she bought Krystle. Krystle is so goddamn passive she kept dating Amberlynn for 3 years after falling out of love with her (personally I suspect she never loved her, but would never admit that). If that friendship really is kaput it's either because Amberlynn ended it--and I can't see why she would--or because Nena insisted it end and there could be many reasons for that.

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