Ben & Jerry's sucks -


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The Democrat thing is right but otherwise I think it's great icecream. Also Häagen-Dazs doesn't have shops. The Ben & Jerry's by my campus gave out free ice cream every year. I guess they all do but I only went during college.
Also I thought Ben & Jerry's is cheaper, is that not right?


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I think the price point is a regional thing. Where I live they're both horrifically overpriced (I'm not paying five bucks for a pint of fucking ice cream), so the last time I had either one of them was in high school because my kid sibling had been promised ice cream on a family vacation and all my parents could find was convenience store Ben and Jerry's.

The regional chains are the best bang for your buck around here. The one closest to me supposedly isn't quite as good as B&J's or Häagen-Dazs but honestly it's close enough that I don't know how you can even tell unless you're some kind of ice cream reviewer.

Also last time I checked it was like two bucks cheaper per pint and they have sales all the time on top of that so regardless of quality I'd probably be getting those anyway.

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B&J goes on sale in my local supermarket sometimes so I grab more of it then.

One Love is my favorite flavor right now. Apparently it's Europe exclusive though.


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When I lived in New York Ben & Jerry's was always $5/pint, but they would often have 2 for one sales. Häagen-Dazs could often be $6-$7 per pint.
I think they have sales too but I don't really buy much ice cream.
Now that I live in portland we have salt & straw and Cool Moon.
To be really autistic about ice cream, there was a shop near me in NY that was so good i've strongly considered paying a bunch of money to have it shipped to me.


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You can't get much else but Ben & Jerry's here I'd rather have Gifford's even if it does cost more I don't get ice cream that often anyway.

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In my location, Ben & Jerry's is about $5-5.5, Häagen-Dazs goes for $4.5, but you can sometimes get it for $3 if they're on clearance.
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That one kind of Ben & Jerry's where it's just full of chocolate everything (brownie bits, chocolate syrup, chocolate pieces, the ice cream is chocolate, etc) has gotten me through some shit, man.

edit: just remembered that interestingly enough it's called Chocolate Therapy :lol:
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the quality has dropped drastically and the flavors taste altered and cheap. its totally commercialized at this point and is one of the worst "premium" ice creams now in the freezer aisle by far. sad. and ben and jerry are just rich people pretending to care to keep the pitchforks from coming for them. they are secretly greedy vile shysters.

I like Cookie Dough from Ben & Jerry the most however Häagen-Dazs do more flavour I like where I live, however my favourite is the ice cream Hotel Chocolate does and Blood Orange & Belgian tard cum Chocolate from Marks and Spencers.
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