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Where I live we only have 4 flavours of B&J so Haagen Dazs was my go to. Unfortunately, they stopped selling mayan chocolate, so I haven't had a pint in like 5 years.


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If you have them available, Magnum Ice Cream bars are delicious and I would recommend. They're a little pricey but they dip their bars in chocolate, THEN another flavor like caramel and then dip them again. Delicious.


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England doesn't really give a shit about quality either. Up until B&J went woke and released the DRUMF reskin of their pecan flavour they sold pints all day every day.
Dude, they've always been like that.

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I hate B&J because it seemingly started the trend of mixing cherry with fudge. Why does every ice cream company have to shit in my cherry ice cream now?

At least Blue Bell has Cherry Vanilla.
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I think it’s the same price here. HD is good for cookie dough, strawberry and other simpler flavors but I do enjoy B&J’s red velvet and some other crazier flavors.


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There's a company that sells locally to my grocery store called Graeter's that I can't get enough of. They make a dark chocolate ice cream with brownie mixed in that I love, and a mocha flavored chocolate chip one. 5 bucks for a pint, but I don't like the other brands so much anymore except for Tillamook, Blue Bell, and one called Private Selection that only sell in larger amounts where I live.
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I've only ever really liked Cherry Garcia, and sometimes Chunky Monkey. Don't give a fuck about their political beliefs, doesn't affect my life at all. I just never found their ice cream all that special.

I usually go for Tillamook. Their Oregon Strawberry flavor tastes amazing.
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I liked their Tonight Dough, but that shit is pricy and after the "orange man bad" flavor, I have solidified my decision to not buy from them again. It takes a really shitty commie to scream about the evils of capitalism while being the priciest in the market.
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Decided to swing by my store the other day and it was shopped hard especially the ice cream section but guess what flavor they had plenty of stock of?
Well this and the dairy free flavors.
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Myself if I'm doing ice cream it's more quantity than quality. Anything with chocolate or Heavenly hash and I'm sold. Lucky there is a large local dairy business that has good cheep-ish ice cream.

One I just cannot fucking stand at all is Chapmans. What the fuck is with that stuff? Is anyone even capable of liking that?