Ben & Jerry's sucks -


Life on the outside ain't what it used to be.
I used to eat Ben & Jerry's quite a bit as a little kid. Then I got older, and noticed around 2013 or so two things happened. First off is the price leapt up by a hard $2 everywhere. I recall the first time I bought some from a store while I was attending college and rang it up I was shocked at how expensive it had become. On top of that, the last time I had it I noticed it had become even more sugary and more bland. That may seem like a contradiction with icecream, but it tasted like one of those gimmicky cheap Friendlys flavors. Which, if I want that, I can buy a tub of for about the same price as a pint of B&J.

I think circa 2008 or so they were bought out by a different company and it took a few years for the changes to sink in. Its definitely an overpriced hipster commodity now. If I feel like a bowl of icecream these days I just stick to the generic stuff.


True & Honest Fan
I often found the way their solid ingredients are mixed to be quite lopsided in individual units compared to the more "complex" Blue Bell flavors. I also do not appreciate something of wholesome escapism such as Ice Cream to be dragged into the swamp of political campaigning and shilling. I do not care if it's a pretty facade, or some Hollywood degenerate in their case... Actually, having unlikable swine on my carton is a good way to just all out avoid your product. I don't want to "eat around" Colbert or some pedophile plastic-face.