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Hello and welcome to the Daily Kiwi Podcast™. Let's say, hypothetically, that you're looking for a Lolcow to read about and destroy. Before the radical liberal Joseph RR Biden Jr shuts this place down we need to talk about a bulwark of the American conservative movement. For those of you who have not heard about Ben Shapiro, he is a True and Honest political conservative, purveyor of Judeo-Christian ethics, WAP Guardian, and my personal rabbi. There may be some libs out here who are triggered that Ben has his own page. If that's the case read on and prepared to have your mental asshole gaped by facts and logic™ Come along lads, we're off to save Christmas from the commies

Ben Shapiro
Part 1: Manners Maketh Man


Benjamin Aaron Shapiro, 37, is an American political commentator, lawyer, concern troll, and an increasing grifter over the years. Ben is unique compared to many lolcows because he's rather intelligent. If Shapiro had a DnD stat sheet he probably has an Int of 16 and a Wis of 8. For example, he wrote two books before he turned 21 discussing the Conservative/Liberal culture war in America. He's been writing on the national stage since he was 17. This thread is about what happens when you stroke a teenager's ego and tell him his views should be heard by the world, give him a microphone, and check in two decades later.

Ben Shapiro's first ever TV Interview | 2006​

(Youtube link)

This is Ben Shapiro's first interview. There are two points in this interview that really stuck with me: 1. He claims that most of the discrimination against conservatives are blown out of proportion. Funny, because his entire brand now hyper-focuses on college discrimination against conservatives. 2. His overall philosophy at 21 is almost entirely unchanged. I'm not going to play the role of psychologist, but it says a lot about someone whose entire worldview was created around 17-21 and he's been defending it without making any concessions. Perhaps there's a reason he likes debating this age demographic after all..

Ben's a little truffle pig for culture war. As if he's a lightning rod, he can bring crazy people of all stripes together. To his credit, he can be based, the problem is he usually isn't. It seems that he realized years ago (maybe from his nemesis Milo) that outrage garners clicks. Here are two clips of Ben Shapiro almost beings based and then veering off into weird territory at some point.

Ben Shapiro - Common Sense View of Racism and Poverty​

(Youtube link)

Ben Shapiro and Piers Morgan on guns​

(Youtube link)

Both of these videos show Ben Shapiro making fairly strong arguments inititally, but he focuses on pointless "gotchas" that detract from his point. And if someone finally makes him see a problem rooted in racism, guns, etc and he handwaves it away with, "Oh well, literally nothing could have prevented tragedy X, Y, or Z" and blames people for being inconsistent

Part 2: We're not Laughing with You
Screenshot from 2021-04-13 12-29-53.png

(A real thumbnail from Ben Shapiro)

Ben has been known to do goofy things. What are his more Lolcowish activities?

There was the episode where Ben had his grift essentially called out by the most offensively British human in existence. He did not take that well.

Ben Shapiro: US commentator clashes with BBC's Andrew Neil - BBC News​

(Youtube link) (And his List of the Dumb Stuff he Said, Reddit Edition)

There was the WAP side-arc where Ben said dry pussy = best pussy according to his doctor wife (Feat some lolcows)

Screen Shot 2020-08-12 at 11.19.18.jpeg
Screen Shot 2020-08-12 at 11.13.16.jpeg

Screenshot from 2021-04-13 12-34-02.png
Screenshot from 2021-04-13 12-36-10.png

Screenshot from 2021-04-13 12-33-54.png

The there was the absolutely endless torrent of AOC feet pic memes





There was the classic "Ben Shapiro Destroys-" story arc, where Ben would travel to colleges across America. It was a formulaic tour: He would arrive, gin up controversy and bait the dumb college freshman lefties into arguing with him. He would seize on some point they make, recite a monologue about the left destroying society, cut the other person's mic and post it to Youtube. We've all seen them, but for those interested in real history can see below:

If you remember in Shapiro's BBC interview he mentioned he did not use inflammatory titles for his Youtube videos. That is false.

Ben Shapiro DESTROYS Transgenderism And Pro-Abortion Arguments​

(Youtube link)

LOL: Leftist student tries to stump Shapiro on abortion, fails miserably & publicly​

(Youtube link)

Ben Shapiro Thug Life Compilation #1​

(Youtube link)

Ben Shapiro Thug Life Compilation #2 - Reuploaded​

(Youtube link)

Ben Shapiro clearly stylized himself for as a comedian on college campuses than an actual political writer or lawyer.

Part 3: Side Businesses

Ben's passion isn't culture war, however. He loves to write, but fiction is his true calling. He doesn't want to fight about culture, he wants to inspire culture through his art. He was written a fiction book called True Allegiance. By most user and critic reviews it is not very good.

Some common faces liked to review it

Reviewing Ben Shapiro's Garbage Novel​

(Youtube link)

Ben Shapiro's book is bad. Let's discuss.​

(Youtube link)

He also founded a media company to counter leftist values. I personally cannot wait to see what movies and "edgy content" (quote his) they're bringing forward.

Here's a snapshot of his internet activity. There's so much more but this thread is getting pretty long.

ECrdhzqUIAAjued.jpg large.jpeg


Screenshot from 2021-04-13 13-32-38.png

Ben knows how to stay busy. Even when he's engaging in his passions, he knows how to bring the passion out in others.

Part 4: Breadboi Responsa

(Abigail Shapiro, failed actress and brother to Ben Shapiro. Now a content creator/grifter like her brother)
Abigail plz hit me up when you make an OnlyFans

This may seem bizarre to some, but Ben has garnered quite a bit of controversy over the years. Strange, I know. Below are videos in response to the Shapiro-mania that's gripped the netscape.

BEHOLD, the Lolcow responsa to Ben Shapiro:
WARNING, the following videos contain high amounts of cringe not intended for humans

Philosophy Tube - Beloved Lolcow

Abortion & Ben Shapiro | Philosophy Tube​

(Youtube link)
Vaush - Lolcow Gladiator

How Ben Shapiro "Wins" Debates​

(Youtube link)
hbomberguy - The Bill Cosby/Freud lovechild Lolcow

Climate Denial: A Measured Response​

(Youtube link)

Part 5: Conclusion

Screenshot from 2021-04-13 13-30-08.png

What have we covered today? Ben Shapiro is a conservative commentator and grifter going back to his teenage years. Personally, I don't believe he was out intending to grift at 17. He's clearly intelligent, but when this guy spends his entire life having people reinforce his weird views, then almost exclusively debating people younger and less informed than you will create a very small man.
(Boom, only one height joke)

He and Milo had this long-running feud about conservative principles and how to act. I find it funny, because Milo fashioned himself the Joker to Shapiro's Batman in a lot of ways. Shapiro has become such a strange caricature of an enraged conservative that he will bounce with anger screaming into his camera every week like the other Youtubers. I'm not really sure where the future for Ben Shapiro leads, but he's been moving from lawyer/writer to Youtuber/Media Entrepreneur. Given that Shapiro is infamously bad at media, we'll see if he falls into the Youtube pit to die. As he becomes increasingly reliant on Youtube and internet culture to spread his ideas, he's clearly incentivized to do dumb shit sometimes. Ben Shapiro makes me think of a smarter NikoAvocado who mentally prostrates himself before the world to get spanked instead of gorging himself on food.

In conclusion:

Contact: Twitter (Archive) - Instagram - Soundcloud (Archive) - Podcast (Archive) - Wikipedia (Archive)
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I'm surprised we didn't have a thread already, considering how long he's had an internet presence for.
We did, but it was in multimedia and started out vaguely complimentary. It devolved into mocking him soon enough.

I don't really see a need for this thread considering that one exists and seems to have morphed into a lolcow thread, but if people want one with more of a lolcow bent I guess that's fair.

Gone Ham

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If Trump & Ben Shapiro are Career Cows, does this mean we're going to FINALLY get an AOC thread (What happened to the no famous people rule)? Because that overglorified Dive Bar Ho Larping as a Revolutionary (Read Grifter) is way past due for one tbh.
Trump thread shouldn’t have been made. And Shapiro isn’t a politician, he’s just an idiot. The next political cow would be Majorie Taylor Greene


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This is well deserved. He’s not the worst cow but he really does have his moments. Here’s a couple funny videos poking at Ben.

If Trump & Ben Shapiro are Career Cows, does this mean we're going to FINALLY get an AOC thread (What happened to the no famous people rule)? Because that overglorified Dive Bar Ho Larping as a Revolutionary (Read Grifter) is way past due for one tbh.
Tbh I get a lot of lolz from the Squad’s A&N thread but yes they are cows too IMO.


The cuter the avatar, the uglier the person.
Ben is the contentious figure that makes partisan points of utter lunacy mixed with points of wisdom.
He's very well orated, and could be a very powerful speechwriter.
Instead, he uses his gift to call Palestinians a "... Radical evil."
He's also advocated for Palestinians to be removed from the West Bank, among other lunatic positions. Quite ironic, coming from Shapiro.
The section on Khazar Milkers should be expanded to include the chick that looks exactly like Abigail and does porn.
Her name is Elizabeth(?) and attended UMass Amherst in the early 2010s.

James done did it
I remember when he was barely out of school and writing articles about the moral rightness of bulldozing palestinian homes. The only reason he didn't hit the same levels of obnoxiousness and shameful hilarity we see out of other cows is that he came of age in a slightly earlier era of the web. If he was a teenager with youtube he would have been in all sorts of young political commentator (eceleb whore) drama just like the others. He unsuccessfully straddles the line between ziocon 'traditionalist' and right wing shock jock and mostly just ends up making himself look like an ass, and not in the entertaining Alex Jones way.


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There are always tons of drama surrounding this midget so he is definitively a worthy cow. Most of his detractors are quite exceptional individuals themselves, but same is with all cows.

The funniest thing with this guy is that he always pretends to be some kind of debater but only ever debates the absolute lunatics. OP posted the video with Andrew Neil from which we can observe that when confronted with at lest one standard deviation above average dude he gets completely wrecked. Little Ben is even too scared to debate homosexual Mexican hobbit Nick Fuentes and used an video where Fuentes killed some jew in minecraft (GTA V) as a cope to chicken out.