Ben Shapiro - wtf I'm conservative now


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Does anyone else think Shapiro's voice is kind of odd sounding?
It's annoying but it's not some how.

Ben is well, pretty hard to get worked up about unless you're bonkers. I don't agree with a lot of his views but he's well spoken and much like some of the other "right" pundits he just shoots fish in a barrel. Making him look better than he is, and it's a shame because he can do better work if he tries, his writing for example is very well done.

I as a goy don't like his blind and dare say bigotry towards anti zionism, as there are many jews whom fall under that and he just no true scottsman it away.


Praise 'til you're hollow
A. His sister is pretty bangable.
B. His wife is....she looks like she'd be the chick that hangs out with a bunch of dudes, and can shotgun a beer and belch louder than them.
C. When they inevitably remake Unbreakable, Ben Shapiro will be Mr. Glass.

Yaoi Huntress Earth

My avatar is problematic.
C. When they inevitably remake Unbreakable, Ben Shapiro will be Mr. Glass.
In an odd way, I'd like to see that.

I always thought he looked like a super-villain, but not a cool super villain... like stilt-man or some shit.
If they ever make another Spidey film, I know who to call to play Stilt-Man.


Nobody important
All i remember about is that he was one of the "anyone but Trump" Republicans at the RNC in the 2016 election that failed to get the convention to do as they wanted or am i thinking of someone else?

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