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Benedict Cumberbatch SkepticsBelieve the guy who plays Sherlock is being blackmailed by dark forces/his wife

Discussion in 'Tumblr (◡‿◡✿)' started by Sports Casual, Sep 17, 2016.

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  1. I found these guys pretty soon after they appeared on Tumblr, which was not long after Cumberbatch announced his engagement, and I check in on them every so often. Essentially, they believe that BC's wife is some sort of psychopathic prostitute who he isn't even legally married to, and who is blackmailing him for purposes that are unclear at this stage. A lot of them also believe that their infant son is either several babies hired from casting agencies, or a very realistic doll. One piece of evidence submitted for the child actor theory was that the kid was wearing yellow socks, and boys can't wear yellow, therefore it was a baby girl that they had borrowed. Seriously. From what I remember, it all kicked off when the engagement announcement missed out one of BC's middle initial, and it spiralled autistically from there.

    The main players are:

    However, skeptics are like supermodels in that you can be the in thing one season, then you're over just like that. Various other big names in the community have randomly been declared liars/baiters (withholding 'tea' for attention) etc and been shunned. At least one has been doxxed to the point that she abandoned ship (I actually felt sorry for this kid, people contacted her school and posted photos of her seven year old brother all over the internet). So by the time you read this, those blogs could be obsolete.

    Screen capping is a bit of a ball ache, because a lot of them have infinite scrolling on their blogs, so once a post is a few months old, good luck finding it again. I'll track down some of their greatest hits and post screenshots if anyone actually reads this thread, because I think it might take me a while. A couple of the blogs I listed above have 'important posts' sections that you can flick through, and they're not the type to rage delete. The general gist is:

    • BC was forced into faking a fiancee for Oscar season, and was hooked up with a hooker.
    • She went rogue and appeared on a red carpet with a fake baby bump, blindsiding him and his team.
    • Their marriage was faked, by government officials who later retired (SUPER FISHY obvs) and the UK's answer to Judge Judy, Judge Rinder.
    • They faked a baby, and now trot out hired kids or dolls. There's debate over whether they faked a birth registration or not. Skeptics LOVE searching government registries, believing they're 100% accurate and up to date (I can't even find myself on half the websites they use for proof of things not existing)
    • They think the entire internet is conspiring against them. This is one of the weirdest things they do. If you post an innocuous tweet mentioning BC's name, they WILL post it and try to find out where you live and work. You'll be accused of being hired by his PR to push the lie based on evidence such as: you saw him walking down a street and tweeted about it BUT YOU'VE NEVER TWEETED ABOUT HIM BEFORE. Therefore you must be in on the scam, not just a person who saw a celebrity one time.
    • Sophie Hunter (the wife) is just generally blackmailing people and causing havoc wherever she goes, often through the medium of set up paparazzi shots and public domestic violence.
    • There's also some stuff about her making things up on her CV. This is actually vaguely believable, because theatre companies have come out and said she never worked for them. Credit where credit's due.
    • Assorted celebrities are on their side, and sending them secret messages of agreement via interviews and award ceremony audience shots. The entire cast of Sherlock, plus Mark Strong and Keira Knightley have at one point or another scratched their nose and this has been interpreted as some sort of coded message.

    EDIT: This link is a pretty comprehensive run down of the entire business.

    My screenshots won't upload for some reason, but they just explained that he's being blackmailed because she's a prostitute and there was this crazy claim that Benedict will wear a blue handkerchief in his pocket when he wants to tell Tumblr that he is ready to end this charade. This seems to be accepted as fact for some reason, and they're waiting on it like it's the Second Coming.
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  2. I think I'm missing something... Why would he be faking all of this in the first place?

    I'm so terribly confused...
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    True & Honest Fan

  3. Honestly, I'm not sure, and I don't think they have an explanation either. Blackmail seems to be a popular theory, but no one can decide what he's being blackmailed with. 'He's gay' naturally crops up pretty often, as does drugs. I think the official line is 'we don't know.' The more reasonable (l0l) ones think she's a one night stand he knocked up, and he panicked and decided to pretend it was all gentlemanly and old fashioned by fabricating this long term relationship and it's spiralled out of control and she turned out to be crazy.
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  4. Why should he fake a child? That's soo incredibly stupid. Why not announce it was stillborn? Or let it be one of those tragic infant sudden deaths? Unless he's done something that's really heinous (like pedophile stuff, murder or tax fraud) I can't think of any reasons he could be blackmailable. That guy is so popular that his fans would ignore a lot of shit. And he'd be clearly a victim here.

    That said I didn't even know he married. That's nice, I hope at least these idiots don't bother him or his family.
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  5. lol jealous fangirls
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  6. I know a number of people on this forum don't like him, but I'm getting whiffs of the crazy obsessed fangirl from Nostalgia Critic's skits.

    Some fangirls loathe that their obession is off the market. There were some real psychos in the SPN fandom too.
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    neverendingmidi it just goes on and on and on and on...

  7. What I fail to see is how a man that looks more like Sid the Sloth than a human being is even worth devoting so much time into drumming up conspiracy theories about.
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    Motherboard absolutely disgusting

  8. There's a person going by the name "Benedict's Third Testicle." I am way into this crazy train.

    EDIT: Oh my god. I love the post from the person who doesn't understand exaggeration.

    Normal person: "I tweet normally and I get no likes, but I tweet about Benedict Cumberbatch and I get 65345 likes."
    Tumblr: "That tweet only has 77 likes. Why are you trying to imply that you have more likes on a tweet than you actually do?"

    I mean, the obvious answer is that she was exaggerating for effect, but that gets in the way of being a tumblerite, so... carry on, I guess?
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    Guy Smiley

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  9. This was the post that convinced me to start this thread. It was the last straw of crazy. It also perfectly encapsulates what these people are like. They will jump on literally anything, like that poor woman's tweet, and become convinced it's part of some nefarious plot. A couple of people have called out that person, which is good, but it just shows that they will post absolutely anything that lands in their ask box.

    I'm in the process of gathering some screenshots, mostly related to the blackmail theory which seems to be causing a lot of confusion here. I'm not sure how much light they'll shed on things though, this is like a spider's web of autism. I find one screenshot, then realise I'd have to post five more just to provide context. I don't want to overload you, so it's going to be a bit of a random assortment.
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  10. Because OMG! British!
    Honestly, I found most fangirls just see some aspect they find kinda cool and proceed to make it out to be the most important thing there is about their given obsession. They aren't so much a fan of the thing, more a fan about some vague notion they want the thing to represent. Doesn't help they obsess over real people which doesn't see the need to fulfill their fantasy.
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  11. This reminds me of the SPN fandom too. I remember all the crazy conspiracy theories that the main two actors were secretly together, and their real wives/gfs were hired to cover it up. When one of the actors became a father, the crazies were split between thinking the wife was a "surrogate" for the two actors, and being angry at the actors for "bringing a child into the lie". :lol:

    It got to the point where the fans were harassing other people who worked on the show about the relationship "cover-up", and then accusing them of being homophobic when they said the actors weren't actually together :roll:
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    silky The worst kind of autistic

  12. Oh my god, this is Crazy Gail and Brent Spiner all over again. Soon Benedict will be reaching out to them for mind sex.
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    Excelina A Hologram

  13. This just fundamentally doesn't make any sense even if we entertain the idea that an actor would hire a fake significant other for the purposes of awards season. Why would "they" have hired a prostitute to act as his fiancée? Why not just hire an actress? She didn't just appear from nothingness onto the red carpet so wouldn't the person hiring her and bringing her to the event have noticed a "baby bump"?
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    cwcproquo wikiHow to Deal with an Autistic Boyfriend
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  14. Jeeeeezus. Jealous fangirl conspiracy theorists, going batshit paranoid over a guy that looks like an alien. This is... oddly beautiful.

    I particularly like the part in that rundown spoiler where the fan shows off gifs of Cumberbatch looking annoyed or disinterested and uses it as proof that he's being OMG BLACKMAILED BY A HOOKER THAT HE DOESN'T LOVE HE WANTS TO TELL US THE TRUTH BUT HE CAN'T TELL US THE TRUTH. Instead of just, you know. Being in a bad mood or being bothered by paparazzi. You know, like a normal person would be.
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  15. Oh boy, Cumberbatch fans are crazy. I remember reading about these conspiracy theories on celebitchy (a celeb gossip site with a weird social justice tumblrina hue that I've been laughing at for a while - might make a thread about it in community watch once I have enough material). They went from 'it's a fake relationship so he has better chances at winning an Oscar' to 'evil, conniving whore trapped him with a child because poor, baby Benedict can't wrap it up or make his own decisions'.
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    pozilei gnome related slander

  16. Now that's what I call a conspiracy! It just baffles me that these rabid fans actually think they know a celebrity so well they know his like innermost thoughts and feeling and the fact that its over this lizard man is just amazing, like they think this is some battered man getting cucked by a prostitue just god :story: Tumblr never change this is full on crazy train lol
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    swizzle-stick It's not the side-effects of the cocaine

  17. Have they accused her of being a Realdoll yet?
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  18. I had no idea Butthead got so many Tumblrites wet.
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  19. Fucking fangirls man, I mean if they were saying that Cumberbatch was really an alien I'd believe them. But this, this is taking your homosexual headcanon too far.
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  20. Tbh I feel really bad for his wife. Not only will her surname be Cumberbatch and her children half-alien, she is now also being slandered by a bunch of thirsty fangirls on the internet.
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