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We're already off to a great start with this image. Let it set the tone.

Aliases: Endomorphosis, Swissproxy, Starworks5

We're dealing with a winner here, folks.

Normally GG-related lolcows fall into a few pre-set categories. Anti-GG cows tend to be complete maniacs with delusions of grandeur, whereas the Pro-GG spergs just tend to be horrifyingly autistic. But there are ones that go above and beyond both sides - into a realm of craziness where both sides will begin to make fun of you for being pants-on-head retarded. Normally, GG-related cows are confined to the Rat King subforum or the Loveshy board, but this one's so crazy that it graduates to its own thread.

Behold, Kiwis, the sort of individual that even Homer and Dan Olson can claim some level of moral authority over. He first entered GG for a sort of weird reason: He believed he could get an internet server into space for a few thousand dollars, and attached himself to Gamergate to try to milk donations. It didn't fucking work, and one might think given this that Benjamin would have skulked off.

No such luck.

Benjamin himself is a bit of an odd duck, with views a bit too retrograde and extreme for the norm, and though he identified a bit with Gamergate, it seemed to solely be out of hate for Social Justice warriors and while he was initially relatively well-recieved, he inevitably got drawn into the /ggrevolt/ crowd when it was began as a honeypot to catch GG supporters. Unfortunately, Benjamin was a great example of the sort of Autist /ggrevolt/ would attract, and, ultimately, overwhelm the tard wranglers through sheer Autism and ultimately out /ggrevolt/ for being a honeypot started by Anti-GGers. He would later go on to make his own subreddit, presumably because /ggrevolt/ had been shown to be insufficiently TRUE and HONEST. In reality, even /ggrevolt/ didn't want him.

Benjamin took it further, however, by pulling a Greta and going to conventions to threaten people:

Based Blue lays down the law.

This was later confirmed when he went to a Men's Rights subreddit and proceeded to sperg for fucking pages about Feminism. It was this first taste that would show us that Benjamin Barber was no mere Autist, but something special, Kiwis. Something magical. Soon it emerged that not only had he stalked Randi Harper, he also flew to Malaysia in order to try to accost Ian Miles Cheong. He also threatened suicide on 8chan once.

Suffice to say when this happened he was mocked by GG supporters about as hard as he was by GG opponents, and Benjamin did not take this very gracefully at all, and began going after "mainline" GG supporters with bizarre legalistic arguments that made no sense, ultimately leading to him having some kind of insane skirmish with Ayyteam, the details of which are still becoming known because Benjamin completely deleted his Social Media accounts and forced us to do a bunch of digging from scratch. He wasn't exactly great in covering his tracks, however, and we also have it that he wanted to sue Reddit itself for violating anti-discrimination statutes.

He's an MRA? But he looks so well-adjusted!

Suffice to say with a background like his, several groups, including /cow/, started looking into his behavior as well, and it was quickly revealed that GG was only the tip of the iceberg for this particular nutjob. He had actually run for office at one point. He also had a rather hostile relationship with his wife, which segues into our next segment.

Benjamin here has some.... interesting criminal behavior, and quite a bit of it. Hell: he has a criminal record which includes a conviction for Revenge Porn of his wife. A condition of his probational sentence was being unable to use the internet, so you know we're dealing with some amazing shit here. Humorously, he attempted to defend himself in court as opposed to getting a lawyer, and when this failed, attempted to sue the prosecutor for prosecuting him. Humorously, it was Gamergate supporters that actually turned him over to the FBI, after he proceeded to run from this and escalated six months of what was essentially a slap on the wrist to around 5 years probation.

Further investigation yielded prior convictions for buying booze for minors:

Suffice to say, we're in a special place with this one, Kiwis: Someplace where neither dignity nor proper treatment of Amblyopia exist. And even better - despite his attempt to go dark, there's tons of information still available, and all evidence is that this is just the tip of the iceberg with this guy. This kind of crazy doesn't come along often, and when it does, it's always to be savored.
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Recent developments courtesy of noble @Hellfire:

I archived his webpage, the resume didn't save as it's a pdf.*

The Facebook, dunno if it was posted yet

The starworks5 reddit sock is his.
List of more socks (aka /u/endomorphosis, /u/starworks5, /u/end0morphosis, and /u/endom0rphosis on reddit) is one of his emails as seen on the Google calendar link and here: and on /g/
and here:

He had but it is suspended.

He hated codes of conduct and was reeling against them.

Due to his GG activity there's lots of shit archived.*
View attachment 159345

He made /r/class_action to rrrrrreeee about reddit.

Here's him asking for "dirt" on Based Blue

Some people thought he was Namasensei

He namefagged as Endomorphosis on the chan.


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He appears to have really flown to another fucking country just to report someone for what they said on Twitter. He also tried to get an Islamic group to "martyr" the guy. :story:





Here's something he tweeted at Based Blue in which he blames"medical malpractive by "neo-marxist feminists" for turning "a due process method" in his marriage into "a inquisitorial slaughtering."
Jaimas said:
It's too bad he's going to prison, he probably would have tried to run against Brianna Wu if Crazy J actually tries to get elected.
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Someone on the /cow/ thread said he'd already violated his probation and was going to get the full five years, but on reading the prosecution motion, I don't think that's necessarily the case.

As also pointed out, he'll show up somewhere on this site if he ends up in custody, but it's Sunday so they might not be updating:

The timeline is he was sentenced on December 1 and given a day to settle up his affairs and report to jail the following day, December 2, at 7:00 p.m.

He spent the day shitposting on plebbit.

The next day, the prosecution filed a motion to revoke his probation.

The relevant parts:



Now, I don't know whether he showed up or not. Here's your page for F5 purposes if he just hasn't showed up yet because it's the weekend:

However, this is just what /cow/ has dug up so far. Interestingly, the probation terms specifically require Benjamin Barber to take down any of the porn, both deleting it from his possession and from the Internet.

Well, the porn videos are still up:

So if you want to watch about an hour of some derp eyed dingbat banging some equally weird looking bitch, there they are. (Benjamin Barber RedTube account) (the "revenge porn")

If he put those up himself and hasn't taken them down, he's definitely in violation of the court order just because of that.