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Ben Hyde (@JekoJekoUEM) is a British paedophile essayist with a English Literature degree from the University of Oxford who currently lives in Milton Keynes, England. He is a prominent pro-lolicon personality who has written tens of thousands of words in defense of Japanese art featuring underage characters across multiple online platforms. He claims he is not a lolicon himself, but proudly wears a badge of "Loliconnoisseur" on all of his public profiles, claiming he studies lolicon, but does not imbibe.

If you're reading this and are not a regular user of the forum, keep in mind that Ben himself says we're a "Treasure Trove".

His identity can be confirmed. In his profiles he claims to be an Oxford student. In recent Facebook photos, he can be seen in graduation garb at Oxford University. He was born June 11th, 1996, which makes him 24 years old at writing.


Jeko likes to project that he is a well-adjusted member of society who has an active dating life, but there is no evidence what so ever he has ever had a girlfriend. Despite being a graduate from Oxford, his only job has been at a pub called the Dew Drop Inn, which he is on furlough with due to COVID-19.

Unsurprisingly, he's a fan of Digibro. If you're fortunate enough to not know who Digibro is, he can best be summed up as a bearded Anime reviewer and self-admitted lolicon. Digibro described himself as "a huge fan of illustrations of little girls getting fucked". (Read more.)

His current objective is to make his Wordpress blog about lolicon his full-time work, which he says he can accomplish at $1000 a month. He's about 4% of the way towards that goal.

Most of his Patreon content is just republications or links to his blog, which is mostly reviews of anime and defending lolicon. Here's an article of him arguing that the UN should stop trying to compel Japan to enforce its child pornography (which it only outlawed of actual children in 2013). You don't have to read it, and probably won't, seeing as it's 11 pages and 3000 words long.

Japan vs The UN: The Fight For Artistic Freedom (

In it, he complains that it's hard to be pro-lolicon because people will call him a pedophile. He complains the UN is trying to stop the sexualization of children in Japan, while child marriage still exists in other countries. He argues that "we see again the belief that regulating lolicon images will have an impact of the rate at which children are groomed", while in his opening paragraph he states "the sexualization of young characters is common in Japanese porn. ... anti-lolicon organization Juvenile Guide, reports that around half of the pornographic animated works produced in Japan feature schoolgirls; (1) many also involve relationships between an adult and a minor".

This is the same position that Alison Rapp (an American weeaboo and pro-child pornography advocate) who worked at Nintendo took before being fired. (More info.)

Jeko instigated a fight with me on Twitter after mentioning I was disgusted by the premise of an anime called Made in Abyss, in which characters with prepubescent bodies are subjected to explicit torture and mutilation. It's also an award winning program which took home the Crunchyroll award for best anime in 2018. It has a very, very defensive fanbase which will crawl out the woodworks to defend their beloved Japanese child torture animation. Jeko is one of them and, unsurprisingly, has written on the subject. If anyone speaks ill of this anime, he is notified by his fans, and he begins to quote-retweet them while saying westerners are perverts.


This isn't unusual, as he has fucking thirteen thousand tweets and has written essays about this child-torture anime in particular.

Is Your Anime Illegal? The Trouble With the Miller Test (


This is Jeko's entire life. He is completely and totally oriented to the discussion of child pornography and drawn child pornography. His favorite creators are people interested in drawn child pornography. He uses his Oxford education to write essays on and discuss drawn child pornography. He reads and reacts to international literature and NGO rulings on drawn child pornography. He brands himself a drawn child pornography connoisseur on his social media profiles. He watches drawn child pornography - but he claims it's all research.

Don't call him a paedophile, though. If you do, he WILL see you in court.


Except when he does it, because if you don't like anime, it is YOU who is the pedophile!
Japanese people and Loliconnoisseurs are just so intellectually above westerners, that they can draw children being tortured and raped and just instinctively know that there's nothing awkward or creepy about it at all, outside of a visceral reaction intended by the artist. It is never okay to question an artist's motives when creating something, because that's anti-free speech and means you are projecting your own child lust fantasies onto poor, innocent lolicons.


Experts like him can determine if an artistic work needs child rape in it.


But remember.
It's just. research.


This line of explanation has nothing to do with the fact that lolicon is illegal in the UK. In fact, it is only because it's illegal in the UK that he has been compelled to start his lolicon career at all! He even wrote his undergrad dissertation on child sexualization in arts in the west.


Apparently extending to other things, here's him defending ageplay and infantilization as just fun kinks bro. Responding, of course, in defense of someone named "@loli_boobs".


If for whatever reason you haven't had enough, he also did a two episode podcast where he mostly talks about lolicon and how westerners are too stupid to understand the artistic merits of his favorite porn. I've listened through what I could and didn't hear anything more outrageous than what he talks about ordinarily, but here's what he sounds like. The second and final episode is particularly bad because his fucking friend is eating on the fucking mic the entire fucking time and it's absolutely infuriating. Hyde/Jekocast #1-29161542.mp3 Hyde/Jekocast #2 ft. Jeckyllgeek-29744931.mp3

In conclusion,

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He has two siblings: Naomi Hyde, Joseph Hyde. Thelma Hyde is probably his mother. Richard Hyde is his father. None of them care about their nonce brother/son.

This private information is unavailable to guests due to policies enforced by third-parties.


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I like Japan. A lot of amazing things have come from that country and I can appreciate their culture. However shit like Made in Abyss makes me wish we dropped a couple more bombs back in WW2. Anyone who openly claims to be a fan of that show should be put on several lists.
Japan is an autistic savant in nation form. Sometimes they make amazing works of art, but most of the time they’re jerking off to homemade porn of 9 year olds drawn on the walls with shit.

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