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Ben posted new art and a new animation recently. The art is NSFL as always, but here you go.
The blond one has a complete Joker mouth, the one about the mom and daughter is disgusting, and the last one, I’m not sure what to say about it. This is the link to the video: the animation is boring to me, and is quite horrendous. One more thing, the Brie Larson video no longer exists on his channel.

The numerous uncoloured white spots at the edges of the daughter's hair like damn. And it's pretty noticeable too, is he just zoomed out through the whole drawing process? Her face in general looks really awkward in that position and the sex pose just looks like clay smooshed together.


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Wow it’s been awhile since I’ve checked into the thread. I was thinking that some of Ben’s stuff was starting to look better from a distance but then I expanded the picture to take a screenshot
This is really the messiest work we’ve seen him put out in awhile holy fuck. I’m not even going to touch the actual content. I don’t want to even comprehend it :(

I'd argue he's gotten worse.
I'd agree with you. To make wild suppositions, I'd say Ben has zero desire to improve and just uses his scribbling as a way to reach the next coom. He doesn't experiment, he doesn't study from the masters, he doesn't push himself. And because he's surrounded by fellow coomers, he doesn't even have to try that hard to satisfy them.

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I wouldn't be too surprised if he assaulted the lady chick cashier because she rejected him for the 5th time.
That'd be the worst mistake of his life. I'm pretty sure a toddler could choke his pedo ass out, much less a full-grown woman. She'd probably end up beating his ass, and the police would have to take his statement between choked, garbled sobs as he tried to spin the story that the cashier assaulted him through a broken jaw..

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