Artcow BenTheLooney / Ben Tannehill - Drawing porn of little cartoon girls is no way to go through life, son.


*Eats spicy goodness*
( I already know the answer to this question but) how does one draw so much, supposedly do/did figure drawings, and just gets shittier?
I feel like it's because he isn't trying anymore. His art used to be better than this (not by a lot, but still) and showed very little signs of improvement. You could at least say he was improving back then because it seemed like he was trying a little. Now it's quickly becoming shittier, almost like he never went to college at all.
Obviously the short answer is autism, but honestly he never had the eyes or talent to be an artist in the first place. I mean, his old paint picture was fucking awful, everyone I know did better when they were 10. He got through a sub par art college, he would've had to have made a portfolio and the fact that they let him in with whatever the hell he had is astonishing.

Honestly this is probably the best art he's capable of. Which is sad.
This might be just as likely. He obviously had no real talent to begin with.
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I haven't been on in a while, but I'm glad to know that Ben's art is still deteriorating and that he still can't draw a head properly.
This is making me laugh more than it really should, her head is literally just a painted egg. In all honesty I feel like Ben's just kind of given up, maybe he's realized that he's never going to get back what little relevancy to a super specific niche of nickelodeon spergs he had in 2009? He doesn't have the ability to make fetish edge-lord shit like Shadman, and despite his 'best' efforts he can't even manage to drum up any real controversy around himself because outside of his nasty obsession with underage cartoon characters he's kind of a dull hick.


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Seriously though, the fuck's going on the top-right corner?
Now I'm no expert but I don't think that people's bodies are supposed to look so...lumpy, and is that jizz or some sort of diseased pus coming out of that mangled dong? I'm surprised honestly, his art has actually gotten so bad that it's starting to look like a parody of itself.


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aight fam, imma help you out with a nice screencap
View attachment 646358

...Lord have mercy. This is some next level degeneracy. Ben truly has no shame.
>"No loli/shota unless they're of age."
Also I feel it's a bit wrong he's asking other people to send their own original characters so he could draw himself fucking them.


Lord of Flaccid Cleaning Utensils

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Also I feel it's a bit wrong he's asking other people to send their own original characters so he could draw himself fucking them.
That is thirst of the likes we rarely come across.

Edit - Ninja’d. I am high and I did not realize there was a next page on this thread.


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Ben, just say you’re open to all kinds of requests and attention like a normal person and go about your day.

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