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When your washed-up Liberal Arts degree (and economic illiteracy) impugns you to support a beardless Santa Claus to wage a class war on twitter against that dreaded Orange Man.

Before the upcoming 2020 Presidential Elections, the echelons of a socialistic spergatory gather around a walking cardiac infraction (archive) that is Bernie Sanders. These are the "Bernie Bros"; a group coined by Robinson Meyer from The Atlantic in his 2015 article "Here Comes the Berniebro" (archive.) It is generally understood to be comprised of "...young white dudes who fancy themselves class warriors" (archive.) This group is by no means fenced in 2020. Rather, it dates back to the 2016 elections, characterizable by its racism (archive) or rampant misogyny (archive) when facing their dear leader's dwindling campaign, & the afore-mentioned over-representation of young white lads in-group (though some articles purport that, from 2019, the group has become increasingly diverse (archive.) Anyway, this euphoric entourage of exceptional individuals merits their own Community Watch on Kiwifarms for their eccentric and deranged behavior on the social media (archive), not to mention the awesome potential of tard-cum to be generated once Bernie does a flip for the 2020 elections. Without further autistic adieu I present you some examples of Bernie's "internet army" (archived here) down below. (NOTE: They are so toxic that even the Bernie campaign acknowledges it (archive.)

Stunning and brave.
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I Saw This Logic And I Clapped!
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A white male exerting his privilege to preach from a virtual podium.
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Edit: Consider watching the Bernie "Our President" sub-reddit for daily dosages of spergatory. Therein lies the honeys and queens of the Bernie-Bro beehive. This this deeply intertwined with its 2020 pro-Bernie election counter-part; "Birdie Sanders."
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In this OP, you do not archive any of the links. You should probably fix that, bud.

Otherwise, it's a decent thread. I recommend you cover the Reddit communities surrounding Bernie. That's allegedly where they act the worst. Provide more proof of them sperging out and you'll be good.

Also, your title is weird. Having a second subtitle within the title is unnecessary and makes it look strange, just have one subtitle.


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I don't know if it's the funniest or saddest part that Bernie's fans already know he can't win the nomination because he had the choice to fight or to roll over and he took the payout.
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So how much is it gonna cost this time for him to drop out like a bitch again? I'm going beach house on the shores of Lake Champlain, or one on Grand Isle. Something along the water in Vermont so he can go back to it and relax while ignoring the people he supposedly represents in the Senate and the DNC people he stole money from redistributed the wealth of to himself.