Bernie Sanders Supporters / Bernie Bros - Cult-Like Socialists With A Grandpa Fetish

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1. Who are they?

Bernie Sanders Supporters or Bernie Bros for short are a diverse collection of people who are fanatical in their support for US politician Bernie Sanders(duh). While there are differences of opinion in this camp the common thread is a far-left political view either verging on or squarely within the revolutionary realm. Bernie Bros attempt to accomplish their goals through a mix of traditional activism, online slacktivism, memery and increasingly violent direct action. They are primarily active on twitter using the reach and connections to media figures to organize and spread information for use in later operations both on and off the internet. Within this broader group two main secondary groups exist 1) The more "moderate" side: Democratic Socialists and other assorted non-violent leftists 2) Antifa and revolutionary communists. While there is definitely travel inbetween groups it's worth differentiating for the flavor of tard cum you will get from each one respectively.

2. Herstory

While Bernie Sanders has been part of the political scene longer than most of us have been alive the origins of the current movement surrounding him come from the 2016 election of Donald Trump. This was the event which divided the left on their choice of strategy. Many far-leftists became disillusioned with incrementalism and the democratic process. This has lead to an explosion in the ranks of antifa, red guards and other movements more centered on revolutionary action as opposed to more traditional activist methods. This doesn't mean that all Sanders supporters are violent communists but it is necessary to explain the path of the more hardline socialists in the Bernie Camp to where we see them today.

3. Who cares?

As I have explained above Bernie Bros have gone beyond obnoxious activism and light larping to organizing with the intent of revolutionary conflict as well as a string of violent incidents ranging from property destruction to mass shooting. The core of the Bernie base while cringy and autistic has not been overly visible until recently being emboldened by Bernie's 2020 run for president. To their credit some of their anger and reluctance to engage in mainstream politics has come from the corruption of the democratic party and political system as a whole. Even outside of Bernie Supporters it is widely thought that Bernie was wrongly denied the Democratic nomination in 2016 in favor of Hillary Clinton and there is strong evidence to suggest that similar tactics are in play for his 2020 run as well. In addition to this Bernie as well as his supporters have been subject to a smear campaign by fellow democratic contender Mike Bloomberg. However the bulk of the exceptionalism and all of the violence has been committed by verifiable Bernie supporters. I included this last bit just out of fairness.

4. Violence and Radicalism

4a. Links to Revolutionary groups

I said above that there is some travel between the moderate and radical ends of the Bernard Spectrum. The DSA takes on a typically more stable image allowing them to fund raise, organize and assist the less reputable elements. This is used as a means of 'cover' for the ostensibly legit end. However being exceptional leftists they can't help but brag about their connections to said groups. Here we have some evidence.

Portland DSA celebrating reversal of ban on Iron Front flag from sporting matches.

Article about the ban.

John Brown Gun Club of Mid-Missouri replying to San Antonio SRA.

Pittsburgh Iron Front replies to local John Brown Gun Club.

Puget Sound JBGC posts the "Willem Van Spronsen Reading List"

This in my mind shows that these groups have quite a bit of interplay and cooperation.

4b. Examples Of Radicalism

Below are a list of articles and videos detailing some of the political violence and extremism that has been committed by Bernie Bros.

Bernie Sanders supporter released on bail after trying to burn down Republican office

Congressional baseball shooter fired at least 70 rounds, cased area for months

Ex-Sanders consultant arrested after allegedly planting weapons in jail for 'evil' escape plot
'Extreme action:' Project Veritas unearths more radical Bernie Sanders staffers

5. Persons Of Interests

There are many people ecelebs in particular(ShoeOnHead, Anthony Fantano) who could be included here but I'll try to keep it to the most pertinent and interesting actors to avoid overlap.

Kyle Jurek - Sanders campaign staffer and gulag enthuiast. Exposed by Project Veritas

Mason Baird - Septum piecing haver. Exposed by Veritas
Twitter(locked): Looking for an archive will update soon

Martin Taylor - Exposed by Veritas. Research in progress.
Twitter Archive:

David Klion - Journalist for Trump's Chosen Currents, The Nation and New Republic among others. Threatened to put other leftists considering Mike Bloomberg on lists
Article from 2018

Meagan Day - Writer for Jacobin magazine.

Hasan Piker - Nephew of Cenk Uyghur host of The Young Turks. Low hanging source of sperging.

Sarah Squirm AKA Sarah Sherman - "alt comedian" for Bernie Had a short on adult swim called 'Flayaway'

Socialist Rifle Association - Fedposting socialist gun group. Just send them your details it'll be fine.

Joshua Collins - 26 year old autistic guy running for congress. Seems to be connective tissue between many different characters.

6. Spergery



7. Left Infighting
If you thought the uncontained rage of Bernie Bros was reserved only for right-wingers you'd be dead wrong. Bernie supporters have been erroding much of the good will they had throughout the rest of the left with extreme pettiness, lies and threats of revenge on those within the left who disagree with them.

Fight! Fight! Fight!

Hah! You think keeping lists is weird and cult-like? Ultra cringe bro.

You callin our Liz a liar?

Talking politely at a reasonable volume is the last bastion of whiteness

This is my first real post so please give me some criticism and any help improving this OP would be much appreciated.
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Does this mean we can get a thread on Trump supporters in general? Or Yang supporters? Or Gabbard supporters?

Or heck why don't we cut to the middle man and just have two threads on supporters of the two political parties that's sarcasm, don't actually fucking do that

Edit: apparently there is a Trump supporter thread, so when will a Steyer supporter thread finally see the light of day?
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I still love this clip:

Anybody who follows a person who is willing to allow people to roll right over them like that has got to be a little fucked.
2020 cuckening redux was my favorite. Cucked by one goblina and even when Bernie was growing a spine saying NO it fell harder than Hillary when she was walking to her car.

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We should not forget the OG gang. Carl the cuck and AIDS skrillex are the most legendary Bernie bros. If you weren't around in 2016 you can read all about them here:
Carl the Cuck is still one of those few internet specimens that can make me laugh by face alone.....god 2016 was the best fucking year we ever had for shitposting and maymes.

Also I would like to pose a question to you nubile young niggas....

Will BernieBruhs become more insufferable/hilariously autistic if he wins the nomination, or if he loses the nomination?

Carl the Cuck is still one of those few internet specimens that can make me laugh by face alone.....god 2016 was the best fucking year we ever had for shitposting and maymes.

Also I would like to pose a question to you nubile young niggas....

Will BernieBruhs become more insufferable/hilariously autistic if he wins the nomination, or if he loses the nomination?
If he wins, we'll get to see a war against anything on the left percieved as disloyal and attempts to DESTROY Drumpf.