Bernie Sanders Supporters / Bernie Bros - Cult-Like Socialists With A Grandpa Fetish


So how are they reacting now that Trump pushed a bill through that keeps you from evicting/forclossing on someone. i mean it isn't don't pay rent entirely but it's pretty close.

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Not going to lie I love this comic, it has that fruedian slip of truth to explain why the boomer parents hate their kids. Both parents look dead inside which makes sense since their kids are protesting inside their own house, their son is wearing a Bernie shirt, and their kids still live with them. It's the inteligent part of the artist brain screaming "they aren't voting bernie because their anoying, worthless children love him" but him actively ignoring it.
Mr Badtouch is here to squirt all over your children.

Apparently the appropriation of Gritty was a semi-lolsorandom reaction to Hillary Clinton declaring Pepe to be an alt-right racism symbol. They decided they needed their own weird-looking "mascot" and so latched onto quite literally the first new thing to come along that fit those parameters.

Bernie attracts the sort of hiveminded easily-programmed twits that love that shit and swallow it hook, line, sinker, rod, and balls. Not surprising they're still clutching a dead meme that was already being forced to breathe when it came into the world.
I liked White Supremacist Gritty the best.



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'Course. They've been vilifying her and treating her like shit the entire time, calling her a Russian agent, and then finally just literally pretending she didn't exist. No doubt going crawling to the "outsider" was the last attempt to hold on to a shred of her pride since it was Biden's crew that's been kicking her in the face repeatedly, but of course he's following orders and refusing it, so she inchwormed over to Biden and kissed the ring with her split lips like a good little beaten dog.


But yeah this makes it more clear than ever that it was all theater. Bernie was never serious. This was just an extended version of the same staged campaign run as last time, because the DNC's running this thing by the 2016 playbook exactly, just moreso. Hillary gave two interviews? Biden will give none. Bernie took a dive too early? Have him stay in longer. They seriously can't comprehend how all this backfired on them or why, and they're just making it worse on themselves because the longer they play this the more Bernouts they get that would rather not vote if they can't vote for socialist grandpa.
It's honestly clear that both of Bernie's runs were just elaborate con jobs where Bernie either deliberately wanted to make the Democrat party more socialist while scamming gullible children. Honestly I feel bad for Tulsi and all those who believed Bernie was a serious candidate since he is clearly doing this for self serving interests. Like it's probably worse than the Establishment politicians cause at least they don't pretend they are starting some bullshit revolution to scam young people out of money.

Gritty was obviously a forced meme created to show that left was hip and cool and dies as soon after it was born:

The whole thing had msm shill articles a sign it was just manufactured:
Daily dot
Daily dot again
Heres some more memes from the "Progressive memetics page"
What kind of jackass looks at Gossamer from Looney Tunes and says "we need his cousin for our mascot purposes?"


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Hang ten, my dudes.
What kind of jackass looks at Gossamer from Looney Tunes and says "we need his cousin for our mascot purposes?"

I dunno, I think Gritty is a good mascot. It's better to have a muppet-like character that stands out and that people can recognize than having something really faggy or unimaginative.


This idiot realizes that actions taken during a pandemic don't always work out every other time right? Also it's cute these Bernie supporters actually think Bernie believes in this shit when he has done jack shit for decades and scams people for his own self interest.
Bernie enables the stereotypical man/woman-child college student persona that blames those with more successful lives than those, which is why there’s a lot of Bernie Bros sadly.


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What has Bernie even done that shows leadership, he literally just stands in the corner yelling at the clouds while other people do more for the country?

It says more about the other former Dem candidates that Tulsi suspended her campaign given the major pandemic and Yang actually gave help to Trump while Bernie is in a sinking ship still continuing when he won't get anywhere given he has less votes than he did in 2016 across the country and is just demanding the money off of gullible progressives.

Hell his supporters want him to win the nomination more than he ever does!

Honestly part of me is both disappointed and glad that Bernie has no chance given that he won't be torn to shreds further but at the same time will never have any influence to just be forgotten about by some other hip politician with a cult of personality.


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If your eyes were open you'd have seen the fix coming in for biden since like last year. Basically ever since they closed ranks when there was the tepid beginnings of #metoo'ing Creepy Joe.
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I don't know if this should be in this thread, but our dear friend Josh Collins has been hard spamming his Twitter account with basically nothing but screeching about freezing rent. This dude hates private residence ownership more than I thought he did to be honest. I'd go even further back, but that's just even more "FREEZE RENT!!!" for a considerable amount of time.