Best Cheeseburgers

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GS 281

I love a good cheeseburger.

As someone who worked in fast food for the latter part of my teen years and into my early 20s, I can tell you a thing or two about cheeseburgers. The coagulation of the different types of salt, fat and grease in your mouth, eating a cheeseburger is essentially like eating Chris' ass if you do the math. What you want is a nice sauce with some lettuce, pickle, tomato and onion. Bacon is good too, but if you got a nice, high quality burger it isn't necessary.

One restaurant that serves up a great cheeseburger is In-n-out Burger. In-n-out is based out West, with some locations in Texas and such. If you ever have an In-n-out burger you will know heaven. I highly suggest them. The cheese and the sauce come together deliciously and compliment the beef of the burger.

Another good burger is from a chain that is local to Detroit. It's called Burgrz, and if you live in the Detroit area, you need to try the bacon and bleu cheese burger. Excellent.

From fast food chains, I can't really think up any that are all that great. McDonald's used to have an okay burger, but it has become worse with time. Same with Wendy's, Sonic, etc. The Hardees thickburger is decent, but don't expect too much from it.

So, what is your favorite cheeseburger? How do you dress it?


Last Gunman
True & Honest Fan
Sep 3, 2014
My favorite probably hails from Jake's, though I've found Dairy Queen makes a mean one too in terms of eating them out. McDickhole's triple cheeseburger also is shockingly good IMO.

The best burgers I've had hail from home though. 85-15 meat cut is the preferred, but 80-20 or 90-10 still come out nice, if greasier or dryer depending on which variant you get (though some coconut oil and butter helps neutralize it for the leaner cuts). The seasonings I use are salt, garlic, and pepper, fuck adding breadcrumbs unless you want to stretch the meat out a bit. Cook about 7 or so minutes on each side on medium heat with a lid to prevent the juices from boiling away. Cheese is added and steamed for about two minutes before I leave it to rest. Toppings of choice includes sauteed mushrooms and onions. The buns I toast with a toaster and then spread with butter because I eat this shit to enjoy it, not because it's healthy. Comes out delicious every time.


fbi most wanted sskealeaton
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May 25, 2013
I get a bunch of Golden Corral's sliders for lunch sometimes.

Despite visiting Minneapolis twice I never had a Juicy Lucy but my crude simulacrums lead me to believe they're probably pretty great.


camedei707, King of ROX
Jul 23, 2016
I've had Ball Park pre-cooked beef patties and that's good to make a few burgers with. I have been siding them with Arby's Curly-Fries as of late since I had two bags of those.

Also, Landshire's Double-Charbroil cheeseburgers are good and quick.


Cryptid Farmer
Apr 17, 2016
I enjoy the soggy burgers from a chain that doesn't go further than 500 miles from OK where they're based around a dairy in Tuttle afaik.

Only good thing about that state tbh. Otherwise it's BK, Smash Burger, Five Guys, or Wendy's.


I never know what to put in these.
Aug 23, 2016
We have this local Irish pub my friends and I go to on Sunday's for a half price burger deal they have So for $5-6 you get whatever you want I go simple just a medium rare cheeseburger with nothing on it throw some BBQ sauce on it wash it down with a cold one. Outside of that I'll eat burgers at family/friends houses not much of a fast food guy.


What the hap is fuckening
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Feb 3, 2013
A Canadian chain called Harvey's claim they make "Canada's Best Burger"
It's pretty damn good for a place with a drive thru

Alex Krycek

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Aug 13, 2014
The bar near my house makes great burgers. I usually take mine without tomato or pickles, but on this I add sautéed mushroom and onions, Pork Belly, and Swiss or gouda cheese.


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Feb 3, 2013
Meatheads is a good place to get a cheeseburger.


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Sep 11, 2016
For "real" burgers at "real burger prices", I like Umami Burger. I had it one time about three years ago now, and I still can't forget the taste.

As for a regular-ass, good ole-fashioned thing, I LOVED the diner they had at Whiskey Pete's in the Nevada/California stateline, before they turned it into a fucking IHOP. They had the BEST cheeseburger in the world, hands down.

Just the very basics, but with the notion of "less is more" totally piloting the flavor and the whole experience, overall. The fries were great, too!

GS 281

Best burger are generally from little holes in the wall or gastopubs
Usually the meat I get from holes in the wall resembles hot dogs and they're filled with a salty-sweet cream


Ol' Slag

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Jun 13, 2016
Whataburger is the only acceptable answer for a good fast food burger.

EDIT: Also, In and Out is garbage.


Panzer Vor!
Dec 13, 2016
I used to live in New Jersey, and there was an Irish pub called Tommy Foxes that I went to for burgers. Now, a lot of the food was alright but not really special, but the burgers were pbenominal. Something about how the chef cooked them and the sauce was like heaven on earth. It didn't hurt that the waitstaff never carded anyone, nor did the bartender.

Yaoi Zowie
Feb 19, 2017
Apple Pan near UCLA is the best burger I've had. It's tiny and has been there since the 40s, and nothing's changed, not even the non-electronic cash registers. But because it's well known and crowded, it's got a weird vibe; the servers are super stoic and seem rude at first, since they're rushing constantly to meet demand, and will just move on if you don't have your order ready immediately. The burgers are top-notch though, especially with their signature apple cider relish. It sounds bizarre but it's actually incredible. The hickory burger is awesome too.

Some friends whose taste I trust have been telling me recently, though, that the actual best burger in LA is from a place called Belcampo Meat Co. I'm dying to try it in the next few weeks.

Tootsie Bear
Jun 24, 2014
I might be a minority here but I love chill cheeseburgers. Whether it be homemade or from a restaurant like Wienerschnitzel. If you ever had Wienerschnitzel's chili cheeseburgers then you'll know where I'm coming from.

Also, I agree with the OP about putting things like lettuce, tomatoes, etc on your cheese burger. Delicious!