Best cold foods to eat when you don't want to heat things up? -

I sabbath on Saturdays, which means I avoid work as much as possible while avoiding causing other people to work. That means not cooking or eating out or getting food delivered etc. Obviously having food that you heat up is an option, but I was thinking of avoiding even that.

I looked at sites that had lists of cold food, but a lot of it isn't stuff that I normally eat (Pasta salads, sandwiches, etc.)

I have a preliminary list of things I'll probably eat on sabbath days going forward, but I was wondering if any of you had good ideas of your own.

Cold pizza
Cold fried chicken
cold cuts generally
Head cheese
Summer sausage
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Raw nachos. Doritos straight out of the bag dipped in salsa straight out the jar, with a handful of grated cheese straight out of the bag after every 4th-5th mouthful of dipped Doritos.
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Smoked salmon, cream cheese on crackers or bagels. BOMB!!!!

Peanut butter and jelly with sweet pickles for crunch (sounds icky but actually good)

Tuna, tuna, tuna! Sardines! Sardines! Sardines (in mustard sauce)!

Baby carrots.

Anything wrapped in a tortilla.

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Honestly any form of salad with for example feta-cheese, crutons, some dressing (I don't think my idea of dressing is the same as other peoples, I use an oily thin type of dressing) add whatever chopped left over meat you got. Or pasta if you want.

If you got some left over scrambled eggs, they go nicely on toast. As well as nicely with smoked salmon and cream cheese. Decent cold filling meal.

Peppered mackerel is a decent tasting fish for varied use. As is smoked salmon to be honest.

Gazpacho (I don't know HOW you make this,all I know is you eat it cold)

You can make pretty decent wraps with cold stuff too. The wrap is your friend.

Else, filling things to add to all of this can be things like: beans, chickpeas, rice, pasta, avocado/Guacemole, eggs (boil them earlier and the week and just keep them in the fridge for later use)

spencer reid

not spencer reid it's meant for people with EDs but a lot of the stuff posted is cold, low calorie, no cooking needed food

There's lots of combinations you can do with bruschetta and open sandwiches. There's also chilled soup recipes though those are mainly for summer. Could search for 'bowl' type recipes (burrito bowl, fruit bowl, buddha bowl). A lot of bento recipes also don't require cooking.

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Just about anything for me, bro.
I hate microwaving previously cooked foods.
Leave it in too long, it's too hot and you have to wait for it to cool down.
Don't put it in long enough, and you have to play this shitty game where you have to guess how long to leave it in.

Just eat shit cold, it's not going to kill you as long as it's already cooked.


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Oatmeal. mix water or tard cum with oatmeal, brown sugar, white sugar (either/or), vanilla extract, and cinnamon. Cover it in a bowl, and leave in the fridge for a few hours. Quaker oats has a line of overnight oats but they're too sugary for me.
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