Best cold foods to eat when you don't want to heat things up? -


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I do this more for lunches but sometimes my family will have this for a light dinner- we set out a board of sliced meats and cheeses with crackers or toasted bread and some spreads. Grapes and other fruit pair really well.
Or you can wrap all those things (minus the grapes) in a tortilla.
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Turkey or chicken lunch meat sandwiches usually work for me when I do not feel like cooking. Especially when I have some havarti cheese and some brown mustard, and some dark rye bread.

I also make veggie sticks as a snack, because I am trying to cut back on the potato chips.

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Cold peanut butter, add raisins and one stick of that jolly rancher watermelon drink mix. You may need to smonk some weed first.


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Something like a roast vegetable salad with eggplant or cabbage can be good the next day.
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So many times I've gone into the kitchen intending to cook steak with some green veg and potatoes and come out with a pasta bowl containing a large torn off chunk of smoked cheese (the more rind the better), some clumsily sliced chorizo, half a jar of pickled shallots, a tub of hummus with some sort of cracker and a can of coke. Maybe a banana.