Best Schemes/Ways You Made Money in the Past -

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Before that faggot Ross Ulbricht came out with the Silk Road, there used to be private forums where you could buy drugs, and nobody heard of buying drugs from an email address. Ketamine cost somewhere in the neighborhood of $5-6 a gram if you bought a few kilos, shipped from India. There is such a thing as a music festival where literally ten times that is considered a heady price. Put two and two together, some people don't have student debt.

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I got an email from a guy asking me to rig the face of a 3d model. I didn't know who he was and I had never rigged a face before but he was offering money so I learned and rigged it. After I sent him the model back I walked him through how the shape keys worked and what mouth shapes correspond to what sounds. He was thrilled and asked me what I owed him. I said $70, he sent $100 and said he wasn't going to pay $70 because that would be too low for the work I did. Later I found out he had emailed me by mistake, but I mean $100 is $100.


I actually know someone who's making about 5k a month just drawing for furies. In an artistic appreciation standpoint, they're really great at drawing. Though I wouldn't have the balls to draw the... "creative and detailed" things their patron asks for.

but, hey, I'd also play the market if it means getting a shit ton of money. Look at what Belle Delphine did selling her bath water. I wouldn't mind making some 30 grand just selling water I sat in.
I wish I was better at art. I would have to take courses because I have not drawn anything in years and have lost any progress I made. Sometimes I think it would be worth it to pander to furries. But you have to think about the worst pars of the fetish. If you say no to babyfurs do they blackball you?

I just don't want my pics all over the internet. "She's selling bath water? I think I went to school with her!". Also I have a few very religious relitives that would have heart atacks.
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In high school this one redneck finally got a PS2 (this was around 2010) and he was no good at vidya so sometimes he'd pay me to beat levels on certain games. These weren't even hard games, like he paid me 5 bucks per level to beat a few of the later levels in the Ratchet and Clank games, shit I beat ages ago (occasionally with great frustration though) when I was in fifth grade. I think I made at least 30 bucks off him that year and my parents got mad at me because they thought I was ripping him off (even though he was the one who offered me money). Easiest money I've ever made.

How do you break into that market? Live in Commiefornia and hang out where struggling artist types do?
Ha ha. Paying someone to beat levels for you? That’s so amazing. I’m impressed. Nah. Fuck Cali,Texas is where it’s at. I get most of my work from Reddit and Twitter. I’ve helped a few people I know irl with it but most nearly everything I do goes through email. You want to have a paper trail like that anyways though. Plagiarism is a major problem. Suspected plagiarism even more so.
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Ha ha. Paying someone to beat levels for you? That’s so amazing. I’m impressed. Nah. Fuck Cali,Texas is where it’s at. I get most of my work from Reddit and Twitter. I’ve helped a few people I know irl with it but most nearly everything I do goes through email. You want to have a paper trail like that anyways though. Plagiarism is a major problem. Suspected plagiarism even more so.
I got paid to level or catch Pokemon or even beat the Elite Four a few times too but only made at most a dollar (if that) because usually it was my sister and my mom would get mad because she'd think I was ripping her off even though my sister set the price.

I've always thought writing papers for tards in high school/college would be cool but I guess I'm too honest to bother seeing if I could make any real money and have too many bad memories off my own papers I did.

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In college, I'd surreptitiously collect half smoked cigarettes, buy a pack of 100 rolling papers for a dollar, spend an hour that night or so shredding the cigarettes to get the tobacco and reroll them. Next day I'd sell the cigs to students that were jonesing for fifty cents each. Sell out within an hour. Make $50 a day for minimal work. Nobody ever questioned why I seemingly had a never-ending cigarette supply.


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In October of 2008, Esquire magazine released their 75th anniversary issue with an e-ink cover. I was working at a bookstore at the time so I bought a stack of 25 of them with my 25% off discount at $7.50/each and flipped them on eBay for $30 each. So I made a few hundred bucks.

I worked for a different bookstore later on, this one being a used bookstore. There was a desk where you could come sell your books. The people at that desk would take the really valuable books and bring them to the rare book area. One of my jobs was to research the value of the not-as-rare books sold to us and price them. I found a few super rare books that got passed by the rare book team and so I set them aside for myself to buy for $0.50 to $2 bucks each and sold them on Amazon for $20-$250 bucks depending on the books. It was pretty lucrative for a while but also extremely frowned upon. But fuck em.

When I was maybe ten years old my friend made me hold two quarters for her when we were swimming and I was hanging onto the edge of the pool in the deep end and her brother came up behind me and pushed me under. Somehow I threw the quarters or maybe just dropped them onto my own face right as I began to chug pool water and I accidentally swallowed one of them. She never saw that quarter again.


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Not me, but my friend admins local FB group for sales\trades. Before making public any user's post he check them individually to see if someone sell something for dirt cheap price and contacts that person first. Usually it's mobile phones, etc. He fix it a bit and sells it in the same group for a bigger price.
People who sold him their iphones for cheap price are mad at him, but they can't beat him because he uses fake name. Person, whos name he took for his FB page is mad at him too.


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These days I don't have the time or energy to freelance, but back in grade school I had many ridiculous schemes.

I was never good at rote memorization, but I had a really steady hand, so I'd file down my pencil and write really tiny cheat sheets for history class. Someone saw my work once and offer $5 for a copy. By the end of the year I made probably $200-$300 dollars of selling the damn things. I ended up never using them again for myself, because who would have known copying factoids out of the text book a half dozen times would help you study?

Thanks to a friend I had access to a couple of nice out of town pirate BBS's. After my older sisters moved out I got the house's extra phone line all to myself, I'd use calling cards (and when I got a shitty 386 laptop and a PCMCIA modem other more dubious techniques) to hunt down games for people at school and put them to disk, $2 - $5 for floppy disks, $10 - $20 a CD. I ran a BBS when I wasn't using the line myself.

A friend of mine who went to a local private Catholic school helped them upgrade their computers on summer, and we dumpster dived all the old hardware. Back then Seagate had a nice 5-year no-questions-asked warranty. We'd overwork and force these 3-4 y.o. drives to failure and then exchange them for brand new ones, and then flip the ones we wouldn't keep for ourselves. My BBS was about 90% salvaged hardware from the local area schools.

All these shenanigans stopped the moment I hit 18. Someone else in town was popped for far more egregious shit then what I was doing and if it weren't for all the reassignments out of local FBI office due to the OKC bombing, I might have been caught.

And, yes, I'm fucking old. Thanks for asking.

Keeping with the theme of the sub, tho: During the brief time I played around with Second Life, I did do some work programming interactive objects for a friend of mine, made maybe $50-$100 in Lindens. When I quit I sold all that Linden for Bitcoin at around $10-$20 a coin. I should have held longer, I cashed out most of it for new computers for the family a few years back.