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Does anyone have recommendations for good background check sites? In particular, ones that might capture name changes as might occur in the course of people 'transitioning'.

I've used a bunch of the white pages type sites, and some of the free/Google account gated subscription type sites, didn't find most of them very satisfactory.

Don't mind paying a bit, as long as it's a per-record cost, not some monthly subscription nonsense.

I have a hunch about Edward Gorcenski's wife that would be a good laugh if it plays out.

Thomas Paine

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You'd be better off getting in a DM group with users here known for quality dox.
Background checks often leave a lot to be desired, whereas the context clues and breadcrumb trails that some users are very adept at following can often lead to a wealth of information.


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We're crossing into illegal territory here probably when I say this but you can always try social engineering, phishing, etc.
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